Should You Break in Or Leave Bags In The Quarry

Should You Break in Or Leave Bags In The Quarry

Breaking into the cabin or leaving the bags behind is an early decision in chapter one of The Quarry that will change the available options later on.

There are many choices to make throughout The Quarry, including an early decision to either break into the cabin or leave everyone’s bags. This can have positive or negative effects in later chapters depending on which path is taken. There are still ways to save everyone if the wrong decision is made, but one of the options makes it easier to survive.

Not every choice will alter the story, and some decisions only have minor effects. However, there are a lot of paths to take, and various endings to unlock in The Quarry, so some choices need to be carefully considered or characters can end up dead. Although there are a lot of decisions that will have a more profound effect on the story, the choice to break in or not can help players save certain characters in later chapters.


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There are only positive effects to be gained by breaking into the cabin, and leaving the bags will cause some options to be unavailable later in the story. The best decision is to break in so that the cabin door will be unlocked for the rest of the game. Depending on if the cabin is locked or unlocked, players will have some additional choices and access to items that can help them save everyone in The Quarry. Breaking into the cabin has a few benefits that make this path worthwhile.

Effects Of Breaking Into The Cabin In Chapter One Of The Quarry

The Quarry How to Save Everyone Best Ending Save Everyone

Choosing to leave the bags doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact, but it closes off some useful options that can help keep characters alive. If the bags are left behind, the cabin door remains locked for the rest of the game, blocking access to the items and collectibles inside. Leaving the cabin locked also eliminates it as a hiding spot that survivors can otherwise take advantage of. Since there are only benefits to breaking in, players should avoid leaving the bags behind.

Breaking in to get the bags is the best option because it will allow players to collect useful resources inside the cabin, use the area to hide, and even grab a teddy bear that can be used as a distraction to prevent the death of one of The Quarry’s characters. This choice also improves the relationship between the two characters in the scene because Emma will be proud of Abigail. After the scene concludes, the break-in isn’t mentioned at all, so there are no downsides to this choice.

Without any consequences, it’s clear the best choice is to break in and unlock the cabin door. After breaking in, Emma will grab her bag and leave, but Abi stays behind and players have an opportunity to look around. The teddy bear is immediately on the right, and players should keep it. There’s also a newspaper to pick up further in toward the back of the cabin. After interacting with everything, Abi can leave the cabin, and The Quarry’s story will continue.

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The Quarry is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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