Sims 4 Pronouns Already Show Up in Conversations Thanks to a New Mod

Sims 4 Pronouns Already Show Up in Conversations Thanks to a New Mod

Just two days ago, Electronic Arts released an update for The Sims 4 allowing players to give their Sims preferred and custom pronouns. This was a highly requested feature from the community for some time, and one modder was so enthusiastic about the addition that they worked very quickly to iterate it. The same day the update went live, modder Lumpinou tweaked the official feature so that Sims can ask one another their pronouns in conversations within the game.

With EA’s official pronouns update, players can assign their Sims he/him, she/her, they/them, or something completely customizable within the create-a-sim mode. Once your Sim is made, their distinct pronouns will appear in menus, notifications, and throughout the game. However, this update doesn’t include any new conversation options for dialogue when Sims speak to one another. Thus, modder Lumpinou added some themselves, which you can download and read the patch notes of here.

Patch status info + a tiny mod for you:

Ask /Tell Pronouns + See pronouns in Sim Profile
(standalone for now, will migrate to my lgbtqia+ mod later)

Pls be patient w/ modders while we figure out how to update text strings for all cases 🙂#sims4mod #TS4

— Lumpinou’s Mods (@lumpinou) May 24, 2022

This mod integrates the official update into social situations, so when you’re conversing with another Sim, you can find ‘Tell Pronouns’ and ‘Ask about Pronouns’ under the Friendly category within dialogue. A Sim’s pronouns will then appear under their profile and relationship panel. It’s a small but significant change — The Sims, after all, has always been about emulating real-life and molding it to your choosing. And this gameplay mod lets your Sims properly use those pronouns as they navigate their world, rather than you, the player, simply seeing the chosen pronouns in menu screens and notifications on-screen.

There are two versions of the mod: one allows for full autonomy, i.e. Sims have the ability to ask one another their pronouns on their own. The other is non-autonomous, which means those interactions are solely up to the player.

Lumpinou has a ton of pretty cool mods, including romance, pregnancy, and skill overhauls (such as giving your Sims talents and weaknesses so they can learn skills slower or faster) — all of which you can find on their website. They are also currently working on an extremely in-depth LGBTQ mod that introduces romantic, sexual, and gender identities that affect gameplay situations — for example, Sims will be able to refuse certain romantic or sexual encounters based on how they identify. Lumpinou says this mod has a planned release for Pride Month in June, and the pronouns mod will be added to it as well.

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Author: Deann Hawkins