Skyrim Player Builds a House Made out of Cheese

Skyrim Player Builds a House Made out of Cheese

A recently featured Skyrim mod allows players to build houses and wear clothing made completely out of wheels of beloved Skyrim cheese.

An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has created a house and clothes made entirely out of wheels of cheese thanks to a mod. Skyrim’s modding community is widely praised, and Bethesda has taken advantage of this by collaborating with content creators through Skyrim’s Creation Club, which was created with last year’s Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The open-world RPG has been out for over a decade but still remains extremely popular.

While Skyrim at times seems outdated, and a new Elder Scrolls title hasn’t been released just yet, additional content creators keep dedicated players entertained with the older title. Skyrim Anniversary Edition even included hours of Bethesda-approved extra content to tide fans over. While many mods create serious lore-based additions or improvements to the aesthetics or gameplay of the Elder Scrolls title, quite a few of them are created just for fun and can be remarkably off-beat, such as Skyrim’s Burger Jarl – Whiterun’s version of McDonald’s.


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A recent mod shared on the Skyrim subreddit is very quirky, and very cheesy. Reddit user rac-attack uploaded a screencap of a mod that allowed them to have a house made entirely out of cheese wheels. From a cheese exterior to an even cheesier interior, the cottage is impressively well-made, even if it’s unrealistic and doesn’t fit the environment. Skyrim player rac-attack’s custom character standing in front of the home even has an outfit made out of the beloved Elder Scrolls V consumable.

The mod this player used to live out their cheesy fantasy is currently on the featured mod page within Skyrim, according to rac-attack. This isn’t the first cheese-based mod to become popular among Skyrim players, with a file called Cheesemod, which adds different types of dairy to Skyrim, being a fan favorite for some time. The Skyrim fan community clearly has a deep and abiding love for cheese, which has expressed itself before in remarkable ways. One fan even filled the Skyrim house Breezehome with cheese.

It’s unclear if other types of foods in Elder Scrolls V have this sort of effect on the community, though NPC guards’ constant references to sweet rolls are the subject of many running jokes as well. In-game cheese appreciation certainly mimics the love many people have for the food in real life. Elder Scrolls 6 was announced in 2018, but Bethesda has unfortunately not revealed much information regarding the title since then. However, with plenty of fascinating and immersive mods to choose from, Skyrim players may be content with it for at least a little while longer.

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Source: rac-attack/Reddit

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