Slopecrashers is on a Snowboard Kids Type Beat

Slopecrashers is on a Snowboard Kids Type Beat

As a child, I loved Snowboard Kids, a kart-racer style game where you were on, as you might expect, riding snowboards rather than go karts. Slopecrashers, an upcoming title from byteparrot, seems poised to reproduce those vibes. Instead of anime kids, though, Slopecrashers has you playing as animals, from lemurs to penguins. I keep wanting to call it “Snowcrashers,” but the game actually takes place over a wide variety of areas, including some that don’t feature snow at all. Like many an arcade racer, Slopecrashers sets you up with different items to attack and defend yourself — you can also pull off stunts and combos to get speed boosts. There’s local multiplayer, though no online play.

The kart racing genre has pretty much been dominated by Mario Kart for the last couple of decades, despite valiant attempts to dethrone the king by studios like Sumo Digital and Bamtang Games. Slopecrashers seems to have the right idea, then — rather than try to take Nintendo on at their own game, they’re working in an under-explored sub-genre.


Slopecrashers is currently slated for release in Q4 of this year, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Listen, I can only get into so many PSX-esque horror games at these indie games shows, so when something like this pops out, it grabs my attention. Maybe it has yours too — if so, there’s a demo for Slopecrashers out on Steam now, so you can go and give it a shot if you want.

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Author: Deann Hawkins