Spider-Man & Moon Knight’s Combined Form Finally Gets Costume He Deserves

Spider-Man & Moon Knight's Combined Form Finally Gets Costume He Deserves

The combined form of Marvel heroes Moon Knight and Spider-Man finally gets an all-new costume that fixes the peculiar problems of the previous suit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Moon Knight are just the latest in a long line of superheroes to combine into one being – but this time around, the new hero gets a much better costume to wear into battle. Merging two heroes to make one is a time-honored tradition in comics; the conceit appears almost as often as two heroes fighting each other before settling their differences and fighting the villain side-by-side. After almost four years of waiting, Moon Knight #10 finally gives the Arachknight the suit he deserves.

The merging of superhero characters truly reached its height in 1996’s Marvel vs DC (also printed as DC vs Marvel, in the interest of fairness). A massive crossover between the two giants of the comic book industry, Marvel vs DC pit A-list team against A-list team in a battle for the survival of the universe. In a last-ditch effort to prevent one universe from annihilation, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal merged realities, merging heroes at the same time (Superman and Captain America became Super-Soldier, Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw, etc). While the universes initially separated, that didn’t stop the individual companies from creating merged characters of their own…such as Spider-Man and Moon Knight.


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When Gamora gained the powers of the Infinity Stones in 2018, she folded the entire universe in half and unwittingly created amalgamated versions of select Avengers. Doctor Strange merged with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man became one entity, and even Spider-Man and Moon Knight became one character as well. Called the Arachknight, the man who was once Peter Parker was bit by a magical spider-totem after witnessing the murder of his aunt and uncle. Peter hears multiple voices in his head, just like the Moon Knight of the 616 universe.

A special variant cover for Moon Knight #10 reveals a new design for the Arachknight, in honor of Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary (other similar tributes put Spider-Man in multiple new roles, such as Captain America). The original design was perhaps too cluttered, with an imbalance of red and white to the point where readers couldn’t tell the primary and secondary color. Here, white is the dominant look overall, with a glowing Spider-Man symbol and the telltale large eyes for the wallcrawler.

The Arachknight will most likely never be seen again outside of team-up issues. Marc Spector and Peter Parker are wildly different characters and while they frequently meet in-universe, they don’t have much in common. Still, Marvel revisiting Spider-Man and Moon Knight’s amalgamated form suggests the company is at least aware of the character’s small but mighty fanbase.

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