Spider-Man & Wonder Woman Cosplays Turned into Stunning Motion Posters

Spider-Man & Wonder Woman Cosplays Turned into Stunning Motion Posters

These already impeccable Spider-Man and Wonder Woman cosplays are brought to life in immersive motion posters that incorporate movie audio.

Spider-Man and Wonder Woman cosplays are transformed into stunning motion posters. The popular Marvel and DC heroes, respectively, are currently portrayed on the big screen by Tom Holland and Gal Gadot. Their most recent movie appearances include Spider-Man: No Way Home for Holland’s Peter Parker and Wonder Woman 1984 for Gadot’s Diana Prince. 

Both Holland and Gadot’s roles have inspired a revival of cosplays by fans. While Spider-Man has always been a popular character, Holland’s rendition of the high-school hero is widely adored, thus inspiring both longtime fans and a new generation to dress up as the character. Wonder Woman was a huge step forward for young, female superhero fans, who had rarely seen women lead their own superhero franchise feature film. While Wonder Woman had famously been portrayed previously by Lynda Carter in the 1970s TV show Wonder Woman, she had yet to receive a major blockbuster film before Patty Jenkins’ 2017 hit movie. Gadot’s Wonder Woman has also inspired many Wonder Woman cosplays from around the world, and across many age groups.


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Now, two of these cosplays have been turned into incredible motion posters by digital artist elilusionista.cl. In each poster, a quick sweep across the screen transforms high-quality cosplays with plain backgrounds into the character in their surrounding environment. In both posters, a quick sound bite from an action sequence in their movie plays, immersing these cosplays into the world from which they stem – and interestingly enough, the Spider-Man cosplay riffs on Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, rather than Holland’s MCU portrayal. The artist also made cosplay motion posters for Star Wars villain Kylo Ren and Ellie from the video game The Last of Us. Check out the post below:

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The motion posters merely elevate these already stunning fan cosplays. The Wonder Woman cosplay in particular is a spitting image of Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume. Although clearly not the DCEU star, the cosplayer wields their sword and shield with the intense power of a superhero. The Spider-Man cosplay is also well transformed into its motion poster, as the digital artist updates the cosplay’s simple red and blue colors into a slightly darker, shinier color scheme to meet the background aesthetic of the dark, fire-filled street. 

While there are no Spider-Man or Wonder Woman movies widely in theaters at the moment, fan art like this shows the widespread appeal of the two heroes and bodes well for the success of future films. Gadot is set to star again in Wonder Woman 3, the plot and release date for which have yet to be revealed. While the animated Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie is in production and set for a 2023 release, there is no currently confirmed Holland-led Spider-Man 4, though the expectation is that he’ll return to the role. If fans like these cosplayers have any sway, audiences will certainly be seeing a lot more from Spider-Man and Wonder Woman in the coming years. 

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Source: elilusionista.cl 

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