Spider-Man’s Top Speed Is So Much Faster Than You Think (Over Mach 3)

Spider-Man's Top Speed Is So Much Faster Than You Think (Over Mach 3)

Spider-Man has always been agile, but fans will be shocked to hear just how fast Peter’s Spider-sense allows the webslinger to truly move.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is known for his wide variety of powers, including super-strength, the ability to climb on walls and a heightened sixth sense or Spider-Sense – but it’s this last ability that allows him his phenomenally-fast reflexes. Peter Parker’s ability to dodge and evade his way through a fight is known throughout the Marvel universe, and although he often fights enemies far stronger than himself, they often have a difficult time landing a single punch. Thanks to information found in Amazing Spider-Man #637, fans now know exactly how fast Peter Parker can move – and the results are astonishing.


Spider-Man’s spider-sense is one of his most-used powers and one of his most mysterious. Unlike the other powers he obtained from being bitten by a radioactive spider back in Amazing Fantasy #15, it’s not based in any actual science (it could be rooted in the fact that spiders have eight eyes and are thus more aware of their surroundings; some even use the vibrations in their webs to detect prey). It can also sense events that are yet to occur, such as on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #171 (the story in which Gwen Stacy died at the hands of the Green Goblin).

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But Spider-Man usually uses this mysterious power to dodge incoming attacks from criminals, supervillains and world conquerors. In Amazing Spider-Man #637, Alyosha Kravinoff attempts to finish off Peter Parker from afar with a rifle. Spider-Man expertly dodges the shot, and Kraven shrugs off the insinuation that he missed. “No. A bullet moves at 4,000 feet per second, and I don’t miss. He dodged it…he’s not supposed to be that fast.” If this is true and Kraven did not miss the shot, that means Spider-Man moved at roughly 2,727 miles per hour: in excess of Mach 3.

This is frankly an astonishing display of speed, especially from a superhero not known for his speed but rather agility during a fight. Peter’s Spider-Sense may give him a slight advantage (he’s aware if a rifle is pointed at him, even if he can’t see it), but this is still faster than nearly every non-speedster hero who can’t fly. Mutants such as Quicksilver are still faster though, as is Nightcrawler (though he simply uses his teleportation to move quickly instead of actually being that fast).

Unfortunately, this display of speed through Spider-Sense seems to be a reflex of Spider-Man’s and not something he can think about using. If the latter were truly the case, he would have been able to defeat nearly all his villains in seconds. This is a speed based on reflexes, but still, Spider-Man’s top speed during fights is far, far faster than any hero or villain knows.

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