Star Wars: Force Unleashed – Every Holocron Location in Raxus Prime

Star Wars: Force Unleashed - Every Holocron Location in Raxus Prime

There are 15 Holocrons to find on Raxus Prime in the third level of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and some of them have unique rewards to obtain.

Raxus Prime is the second level in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and there are 15 Holocrons to find throughout the area. While playing through Raxus Prime, a few Holocrons can be spotted amongst the junk, but others are hidden behind breakable objects. Exploring each section of the level thoroughly will help with finding and collecting every Holocron.

On Raxus Prime, Starkiller is set loose to hunt a Jedi Master in command of a junk army. The Jedi Master, Kazdan Paratus, is at the top of a tower of junk, but Starkiller will need to traverse the trash planet in order to reach him. While defeating enemies with his new Force lightning powers, Starkiller will come across several areas containing multiple Holocrons to collect. Finding Holocrons in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will result in a variety of rewards.


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Many of the Holocrons throughout Star Wars: The Force Unleashed award 10,000 Force Points. The Force Points count as experience, and collecting Holocrons makes it easier to level up. Along with Force Points, there are also a few Holocrons that give unique rewards. New lightsaber colors, costumes for Starkiller, and different types of spheres can be obtained by collecting specific Holocrons while playing through each level. For finding all of the Holocrons on Raxus Prime in the third level, players will receive several valuable rewards, including the Sith Robe.

All Raxus Prime Holocrons In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in Raxus Prime RP Secret Door

Some of the Holocrons on Raxus Prime can be hard to see with all of the clutter and trash scattered around each area. However, several are out in the open, and players should be able to find a decent amount of them if they’re closely examining each section of the level. There are a few areas where it’s easy to fall off a ledge near a Holocron, so Star Wars: The Force Unleashed players should tread carefully to avoid any unnecessary deaths.

Holocron #1 (10,000 Force Points): At the start of the level, players can turn left and spot a Holocron across the pool of yellow liquid. There’s a platform that can be lifted to reach the Holocron without walking through the hazardous sludge.Holocron #2 (Power Sphere): In the large room with the spinning tower in the center, players can use the rotating fan blades to get to the top. After entering this area, the fan blades can be used to reach the other side of the room where there are pipes leading up to the next ledge. At the top of the pipes, players can turn around to jump onto a small ledge on the central tower. There’s a higher ledge to jump to on the tower, then the collectible in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed can be seen on one of the outer platforms to the left. There are a few Jawas to defeat on this platform before grabbing the Holocron.Holocron #3 (10,000 Force Points): After getting past the acid rain, the path opens up to a large area where the objective changes. There’s a Holocron to the left of the entrance to this area.Holocron #4 (Compressed Red Crystal): In the same area as the previous collectible, there is a crashed escape pod. Starkiller can use Force Push to break open the escape pod and collect the Holocron inside.Holocron #5 (10,000 Force Points): On the other side of the ship, there’s a Holocron on the right side at the edge of the platform. Players should be careful grabbing this one because falling off the edge will result in instant death in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed remastered.Holocron #6 (10,000 Force Points): There’s a Holocron inside the starship at the end of the hall after getting past the Jawas. Instead of jumping up to the open doorway, players can break open the lower one and collect a Holocron.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in Raxus Prime RP Metal Walkway

Holocron #7 (Gold Crystal): In the large, open area with the base camp, players can find a Holocron by running to the left and following the edge of the map until reaching a long metal walkway. The Holocron will be at the end of the walkway.Holocron #8 (Combo Sphere): From the previous collectible, players can run across the center of the open area to reach the opposite edge of the map. There’s an opening with junk flying out of it, and the Holocron is in the corner to the right of the hole.Holocron #9 (Compressed Yellow Crystal): After using the platform to go lower and arriving in the junk sorting area in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, players can turn right at the entrance and jump across the platforms to find another Holocron.Holocron #10 (Talent Sphere): In the same area as the previous collectible, there’s a platform on the other side with lightning flashing on top of it. The Holocron can be found by going underneath and behind the lightning platform.Holocron #11 (10,000 Force Points): After arriving at the junk chasm, players can jump up on the wall to the right to find a Holocron on the upper ledge.Holocron #12 (Sith Robe): There will be metal bars to push down on the left side after getting past the junk chasm. Players can jump on the large piece of metal past the bent bars, then pull down the metal platform on the right. Once the metal piece is bent down, players can jump across to reach the Holocron. Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will sometimes slide off the second piece of metal even after it’s bent down, so players should try to aim for the far side of the platform to avoid dying in this area.Holocron #13 (10,000 Force Points): At the end of the level, after breaking through the large doors, there will be a Holocron directly to the left.Holocron #14 (10,000 Force Points): In the same room as the previous collectible, players can use an AT-ST head to reach the upper level. After positioning the AT-ST head in the middle, players can jump up to the platform on the right and run to the end to collect a Holocron.Holocron #15 (Firkrann Power Crystal): From the previous collectible, players can turn around and jump in between the upper platforms to grab the last Holocron in the Raxus Prime level in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been remastered for Nintendo Switch and is also available for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, macOS, and PC.

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