Summer Game Fest Schedule, Livestreams, and Publishers

Summer Game Fest Schedule, Livestreams, and Publishers

As it stands, E3 2022 is officially not happening this year, neither in-person nor digitally. But as we’ve all witnessed last year, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a cascade of livestreams. From Geoff Keighley’s seemingly endless Summer Game Fest to individual presentations from a number of publishers, there is a lot to look forward to. Probably too much. Don’t fret, though, as you can find the full schedule below. We’ll also be updating this list as more publishers confirm their presence in the summer of game reveals and trailers.

(Not) E3 2022 Schedule: Summer Game Fest Livestreams List and When They Start

Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the upcoming announcements and “world premiere” screams in your display of choice. You can find the full list of confirmed livestreams here, as well as all the canceled or unconfirmed presentations in the next section.

Summer Game Fest

When: Thursday, June 9 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET

Where: YouTube and Twitch

E3 2022 Summer Games Fest 3

What to expect from Summer Game Fest 2022

Geoff Keighley’s showcase is the first to kick off the schedule (at least for the time being) starting on June 9. You can expect announcements from publishers like Square Enix, Riot, Capcom, Activision, EA, Gearbox, and more. If last year’s edition serves as an indication, you can expect the biggest bulk of announcements to be part of Summer Game Fest, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it. Of course, it’s hard to know exactly how much each publisher is going to be showing here or perhaps holding onto it for other showcases, either during the summer or closer to the end of the year.

Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition

When: Thursday, June 9 after Summer Game Fest 2022 wraps up — exact times are yet to be announced

Where: The exact channels are unknown at the moment, but keep an eye on the official Twitter account for future details

E3 2022 Summer Games Fest 6

What to expect from Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition

This is the tenth anniversary of Day of the Devs, which has Double Fine and iam8bit collaborating once more to present a showcase of indie games. If you’re looking for the niche stuff, this is the stream to watch, as it’s bound to present both announcements of new projects and updates on existing titles as well.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

When: Sunday, June 12 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Where: YouTube and Twitch

E3 2022 Summer Games Fest 2

What to expect from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Xbox Games and Bethesda are more than buddies now, so they’re hosting a showcase together. While we haven’t seen much of Starfield yet, this would mark the perfect occasion to showcase a long gameplay clip of how it’s going to work, similarly to how the Fallout 4 went down back in the day. Without games like Doom or anything from Arkane Studios on the horizon (except for Redfall) this could be its chance to shine. Plus, it’s supposed to come out this year, right? …right?

Anyway, as for Xbox, you can expect a stream of “world premiere” sounds with tons of trailers to follow, as we’re already used to. I really wish we get to see more of the new Fable, but something tells me that one is a few horizons away. Pun semi-intended.

PC Gaming Show

When: Sunday, June 12 — times are yet to be confirmed

Where: YouTube and Twitch

E3 2022 Summer Games Fest 5

What to expect from the PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is coming back with more announcements dedicated to PC, and sometimes beyond that as well. I fully expect at least one or two jokes about the Steam Deck for this year, as well as a couple surprise indies. It’s a chill live stream and one that usually doesn’t get a massive highlight, but I always come out from it with a few titles or studios to keep an eye out for, which may be the case for you as well.

Future Games Show

When: Sunday, June 12 — times are yet to be confirmed

Where: YouTube and Twitch

E3 2022 Summer Games Fest 4

What to expect from the Future Games Show

Future Games Show tends to be a breezy mix of both indies and big publishers centered around PC and consoles. You may think that it has all been said and done by the time the showcase rolls in, but you’re always bound to be surprised with a few announcements, so definitely worth making the time for it.

EA Play 2022 – Is EA Hosting a Livestream in (Not) E3 2022?

No, EA has canceled its plans for an EA Play Live event in 2022. The news broke back in March this year, and as a result, don’t expect to see the likes of Dead Space or whatever Bioware has been working on contained within one specific showcase. That being said, this doesn’t exclude the possibility of smaller streams focused on specific games or franchises. As for EA Play, however, that’s not in the cards.

Sony? Nintendo? Anyone Else?

It’s early to say what the (not) E3 2022 plans are for many other companies, including Sony and Nintendo. It’s likely that there are going to be announcements from both parties in some capacity, but we aren’t sure of how at the moment. This is just starting, for better or worse, so strap in. We’ll be here a while.

Author: Deann Hawkins