Sunday Gold is a Point-and-Click Game About Taking Down Billionaires

Sunday Gold is a Point-and-Click Game About Taking Down Billionaires

Watching summer games shows, a lot of the titles tend to blur together. You have your 2D Soulslike games, your top-down action games, your “wholesome” farming games, your PlayStation-esque horror games. So when something looks different, it really sticks out. One such game is Sunday Gold, which was announced at the Future Games Show today. A point-and-click adventure, turn-based adventure game in a dystopian future, Sunday Gold just straight-up looks different than most indie games coming out right now.

People are making comparisons to Disco Elysium, but beyond the character portrait style and vague setting similarities, Sunday Gold seems to be doing its own thing. You play as criminals Frank, Sally, and Gavin, who are trying to bring down corrupt billionaire (is there any other kind?) Kenny Hogan. Each character is fully voice-acted, and the game has a stylized comic book-inspired presentation. The game mixes point-and-click adventure game mechanics with turn-based RPG battles, and characters not only have to stay alive, but maintain their composure during stressful situations. The whole thing kind of seems like a 90s adventure game mixed with Persona.

Sunday Gold

Sunday Gold probably isn’t going to be for the squeamish, though. The game’s mature content description on Steam notes that it contains not only the genre-typical violence and “excessive swearing,” but “experimentations on humans and animals,” a “morgue scene featuring body parts,” and a “crime scene featuring bloody aftermath of crime.”

Developed by Quebec-based BKOM Studios and published by Team17, Sunday Gold is set to release later this year, and is currently available to wishlist on Steam.

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Author: Deann Hawkins