Sunday Gold Trailer Shows Off A Gorgeous 2070’s Future

Sunday Gold Trailer Shows Off A Gorgeous 2070's Future

A new trailer from Team17 spotlights the upcoming dystopian adventure Sunday Gold, showing off its beautiful 2070’s world during Summer Game Fest.

Team17 has revealed its upcoming sci-fi title Sunday Gold as part of Summer Game Fest’s Future Games Show, spotlighting its beautiful dystopian world with a new trailer. As with many of Team17’s previous projects such as The Escapists, Overcooked or the Worms franchise, the trailer for Sunday Gold seems to have its own distinct visual style as it introduces the 2070 environment and three playable protagonists.

GamesRadar’s Future Games Show took place on June 11 and featured a range of new trailers and information for over 40 upcoming titles. Whether it was the reveal of new games such as the body-horror shooter ILL and time-bending sci-fi puzzler The Entropy Centre, or further information on titles such as the Truman Show-inspired American Arcadia, which had its reveal trailer earlier in the week at the June 9 Summer Game Fest, there seemed to be something for all kinds of players on display.


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Team17’s trailer for Sunday Gold  introduces players to a grim, dystopian take on London set in the 2070s, as well as the trio of criminals that players will be controlling via some Guy Richie-esque title cards. The game will see Sally ‘The Activist’ Wheeler, Gavin ‘The Disgruntled Ex-Employee’ Dorsey, and Frank ‘The Vengeful Ex-Con’ Barber, each with their own unique perks and playstyle options, as they work together to hunt down and expose the dark secrets of an evil mega-corporation behind a vicious dog racing ring and the malevolent billionaire in charge.

Sunday Gold is one of many Summer Game Fest games available to wishlist on Steam now, and the game’s page provides a further look into what players can expect. The gameplay is set to be a combination of point-and-click style exploration and movement, with turn-based combat that sees players solving a variety of escape room-style puzzles. Characters will need to keep their composure to avoid losing their mind over the course of what Team17 is promising to be a dark and cinematic storyline. As indicated in the trailer, the stunning visuals for Sunday Gold will be comprised of hand-drawn environments, 2D cinematics, and graphic novel-inspired sequences, and will be narrated by fully voice-acted characters.

As is expected due to its already extensive portfolio of award-winning games, Team17’s reveal of Sunday Gold has piqued the interest of many fans. Although there is currently no set release date, with its dark story and setting, a ragtag group of protagonists, impressive visual style, and an amalgamation of various gameplay mechanics, there certainly seems to be a lot to look forward to when Sunday Gold does launch.

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Source: Team17/YouTube

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