Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin’s 10 Best Outfits

Teen Wolf: Lydia Martin's 10 Best Outfits

Teen Wolf is filled with incredibly stylish teenagers, and they all have their respective sense of fashion. However, the person that is considered to be the best dressed is usually Lydia Martin, the school’s Queen Bee and banshee.

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Lydia has a very feminine and slightly preppy style, which was majorly popular during the show’s run. A lot of her outfits are also relatively easy to recreate, which was what people liked about her clothes so much. And as this list will show, several outfits are worth recreating.

Burgundy Floral Dress

Lydia’s sense of style was slightly toned down in the last season, but she still had some solid looks. This includes a burgundy floral shift dress. It has a mock neck and short sleeves, which makes the dress look a little more polished, but with the large vintage-style florals, the dress still has that late-1960s relaxed feel.


The darker color blends into the season’s darker story, but it still lets her stand out amongst the rest of the pack. She also pairs the dress with tights and heeled boots which adds some practicality to her outfit, and her red hair blends in with the dress very nicely.

French Bulldog Sweater

Lydia holds Stile's wrist in Teen Wolf

Lydia didn’t always aim for kitschy, but when she did it was very cute. At one point she wears a grey sweater with a french bulldog print, and layers it over a yellow gingham collared shirt. The colors are pretty, and the preppy-layered look is hugely popular to this day, meaning that Lydia can still be considered a style icon in 2022.

She pairs the tops with a brown leather bodycon mini skirt, which adds some spice to the overall sweet look. She is wearing this outfit when she decides to fully embrace the dark world of the supernatural and use her screaming to help others, which is one of the best decisions Lydia made on Teen Wolf.

Red Top And Plaid Skirt

Lydia and Stiles look at a phone in Teen Wolf

One thing that was great about Lydia’s style is that it was cool but also attainable, as a lot of her items could be found at regular teen stores like H&M. This includes an outfit that she wears while investigating in the woods with Stiles. It consists of a burgundy cropped t-shirt and a burgundy and blue plaid skater skirt. The look is casual yet preppy at the same time, making it a perfect everyday outfit.

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Lydia also pairs the look with some neutral-colored boots. This allows the boots to blend in and not take any attention away from the top and skirt, while also being practical enough for Lydia to walk around in the woods.

Ice Skating Outfit

Stiles Lydia Teen Wolf Movie

While Lydia once stated that orange and blue don’t mix, this outfit begs to differ. Her orange hair matches perfectly with her teal romper and navy blue jacket. Spaghetti strap jersey rompers were incredibly popular back in 2012, and Lydia shows how versatile they can be. The military-inspired jacket manages to give the otherwise casual outfit some needed structure, and overall it looks great.

She styles the outfit with tights, a belt, beautiful geometric dangly earrings, and later on ice skates. The skates pair surprisingly well with the whole outfit, and she looks like a real ice princess. She even wears blue eyeshadow, which is a bold choice for Lydia.

Floral Romper And Denim Moto Jacket

Lydia lays on Stiles in Teen Wolf

In “Motel California,” which is considered one of the best Teen Wolf episodes according to IMDb, Lydia wears perhaps her most iconic outfit. As she explores her banshee powers, she wears a navy blue and pink romper, which suits her short frame very well.

Both denim jackets and moto jackets were incredibly popular things in 2013, and Lydia manages to nail both trends with a denim moto jacket that she wears on top of her romper. She also wears camel-colored heeled boots, which appear to be a staple of her closet as they can be seen in multiple episodes. Overall, the look is practical for the events of the episode, but it’s still very fashionable.

Light Blue Floral Dress

Stiles Lydia Featured

Lydia wore a lot of floral dresses, and she looked great in all of them. One of her best is a pale blue and white shift dress, with quarter-length sleeves and a mini length. It appears prim and feminine, which suits Lydia to a tee.

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The dress appears almost doll-like, and Lydia leans into this heavily, by having a perfectly styled french braid in her hair to match the whole aesthetic. She also wears natural makeup, which gives her a youthful appearance, just like a doll. She should wear this outfit when the pack are investigating the Dread Doctors, who toy with people just like dolls.

Blue High-Low Dress

A promo image of the Teen Wolf season 3 main cast

Lydia has on an amazing dress when she kisses Stiles, which is one of Stiles and Lydia’s best moments. As it is a romantic moment, obviously she wears something romantic to match. She wears a baby blue chiffon shirt dress, and the blue goes well with her strawberry-blonde hair. The puff sleeves are adorable, and she adds a thin belt to keep her waist, so overall the look is very feminine.

The high-low hem, while not so trendy now, was incredibly popular back in 2013, so it’s easy to spot why Lydia was the main style icon of the show. She also pairs the dress with some neutral heeled boots, which lets the dress speak for itself.

Bodycon Dress

Alison and Lydia in front of a blue door in Teen Wolf

While Lydia generally leaned into the preppier style, she didn’t shy away from racy items. This includes a plum-colored bodycon mini dress. The color looks great on her, and the dress length suits her petite height. As the dress is quite simple, she accessorizes with a chunky long gold necklace and big curls.

Lydia wears this outfit after she has been found wandering the woods, so viewers can imagine that the bold dress is a way for Lydia to say to her classmates that she doesn’t care if they stare at her. This outfit is also when Lydia gives Allison one of her shadiest burns, which is “It’s not like my aunt’s a serial killer.”

Dog-Printed Blouse

Lydia and Stiles talking at school in Teen Wolf

Lydia was the queen of dressing twee while making it appear mature. For example, in season 3 she wears a blue blouse with a white peter pan collar and a sausage dog print. This is very cutesy on its own, but she pairs the blouse with a burgundy bodycon leather mini skirt, along with some matching heels.

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The color of the skirt matches the sausage dog print, tying the whole look together. She also has matching accessories, as her leather bag matches both her skirt and her hair. The look is overall very elevated, perhaps too elevated for a teenager just going to class, but that is what makes Lydia’s style so iconic.

Floral Wrap Dress

Lydia and Allison get their arms grabbed in Teen Wolf

Lydia made sure to look her best on her first day back at school, as she wears a navy and pink floral printed wrap dress. The dress is beautiful and glamorous, but the floaty fabric makes the dress appear relaxed enough for school. The floaty cap sleeves are a new thing for Lydia at this point, and they elevate the dress’ silhouette very well.

The dark color of the dress allows her hair to stand out very nicely. She also matches her accessories in color, as the red bag she has pairs well with the pink print. Not only that, but she is wearing some burgundy mary-jane heels, which also match.

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