The 10 Best Characters To Only Appear In One Episode

The 10 Best Characters To Only Appear In One Episode

The acclaimed spinoff of one of the best TV shows of all time is coming to an end this year. While fans are patiently waiting for Lalo Salamanca’s revenge on the show’s final season, it’s a good time to honor some of the smaller characters that passed through Jimmy Mcgill’s story.

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Better Call Saul has been packed with memorable characters that went through countless ups and downs from season to season, but there were also a few short-lived characters that despite only appearing in one episode, made long-lasting impressions on fans. Some of them made crucial decisions that affected the story, some helped the audience understand a little bit more about the main characters, and some were simply just fun to watch.

10 Ed Galbraith | Magic Man (S5-E1)

Ed "The Disappearer" Galbraith agrees to help Saul disappear again in Better Call Saul

A vacuum cleaner salesman by day and an expert criminal-hider by night. This skilled entrepreneur not only helped Saul Goodman escape legal consequences but also gave Walter White a whole new life away from danger. When he appears on camera it usually means that a character will make a life-changing decision.

The late Robert Foster reprised his role for one last time at the beginning of season 5 before passing. This was one small but important scene that exposed Jimmy Mcgill at his lowest point. Fans will have to wait for the 6th (and last) season if they want to know what happens to Jimmy after that phone call with Foster’s character.

9 Ken Wins | Switch (S2-E1)

In an early episode of Breaking Bad, his obnoxious attitude made Walt so furious that he set Ken’s convertible on fire, and in BCS, that same attitude made Jimmy And Kim feel the need to make him pay for a ridiculously expensive bottle of tequila in exchange for false hopes of a gigantic investment. His name was Ken Wins… and he lost both times.

A character that manages to exasperate Walter White and Jimmy Mcgill deserves some credit. For Jimmy and Kim, messing with him was even a bonding exercise, as scamming Ken was one of the few times viewers could see the couple working together and having fun doing it. It gave Jimmy the possibility to do what he (truly) loves, and have no negative consequences, morally or legally.


8 Matador | Bagman (S5-E8)

Gang member shot by Mike in Bagman episode

Matador was a member of the Colombian drug cartel that was pursuing Jimmy and his 7-million-dollar bag last season. Matador stood in front of him ready to kill him, but before he could pull the trigger, Mike Ehrmentraut saved his life with a long-distance sniper shot right in Matador’s neck.

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Jimmy has made some bad decisions in his lifetime, but running into this character was almost his last one. He’d been at great risk of dying before but this was the closest one by far. Matador not only exposed the fragility of Jimmy’s life if he continues working for criminals but also the apparent endless skills that Mike has under his pocket.

7 Peter Schuler | JMM (S5-E7)

Norbert Weisser as Peter Schuler in Breaking Bad Better Call Saul

The head of the fast-food division at Madrigal, a well-established parent company for many successful businesses, including the infamous “Los Pollos Hermanos”. He was no other than the biggest financial contributor to Gus’s meth empire (seems like everyone has a double life in this show).

His brief encounter with Gus in season 5 gave fans some background to their surprisingly realistic Better Call Saul storyline, but most importantly it demonstrated how well Gus uses his communication skills to get what he wants from people. He changed Peter’s mind with some carefully-selected words and a stare that only Giancarlo Esposito could deliver.

6 Sobchak | Pimento (S1-E9)

better call saul season 5 steven ogg sobchak

In season 1, Sobchak was hired by Pryce as security alongside Mike for a drug deal. He mocked Mike for not bringing a gun to the job so when he confronted him, Mike smashed Sobchak’s throat with the back of his own gun.

When he appeared onscreen, gaming fans immediately recognized him as Trevor from GTA V. It became even more evident when his character in Better Call Saul is also an unapologetic criminal with the same look. Steven Ogg would later make another brief appearance on the show but it’s debatable if it’s the same character.

5 Barry Hedberg | Smoke (S4-E1)

Barry talking to Mike in Better Call Saul

On Mike’s journey of sneaking into Madrigal headquarters, he steals an ID card from a clueless Barry Hedberg. Mike then pretends to be Barry for a whole working day, driving a golf cart around the warehouse and even signing a birthday card on behalf of the oblivious worker.

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His face might not be remembered by fans, but the name surely will. His identity being stolen by Mike exposed a deficiency in security that could be extremely dangerous for the company, even more, if the company has a strong attachment with drug cartels. Mike did many things using Barry’s ID, so there’s a big chance that after the downfall of Madrigal, his name might’ve popped up to authorities. Poor Barry Hedberg.

4 Yolanda | Something Unforgivable (S5-E10)

Yolanda dead in Better Call Saul

When Lalo came back to Salamanca’s hacienda, many family members and staff from the house welcomed him with great warmth, especially Yolanda, the house cook. Everything seemed nice for everyone in the house until assassins entered the property in an attempt to kill Lalo.

The episode showed Lalo’s expertise as a killing machine but also showed his emotional side when he realized that they’d killed Yolanda. It was the first time viewers could see real sadness embedded in Lalo’s face. His facial expressions indicated that this particular death meant a lot to him, being another reason for him to come back for season 6 with only revenge in his eyes.

3 Lillian Simmons | Winner (S4-E10)

Lillian Simmons looking upset in Better Call Saul

A peaceful librarian who was a crucial part of Lalo Salamanca’s detention and arrest. She was working at the library when she spotted Lalo’s car, the same day Fred Whalen was killed in broad daylight. Her confession about what she saw narrowed down the suspect’s list to only Lalo.

Her knowing what type of car was parked outside meant for the whole show to change its course. If not for her, Jimmy’s storyline would have gone in a completely different direction. In fact, everyone on the show was affected in some way, shape, or form by Lillian’s eyesight.

2 Sally and Honeydew | Waxler v. Goodman (S5-E6)

Honeydew and Sally talking to Saul in Better Call Saul

These are technically two characters but they do everything as one. As a lawyer, Jimmy helped them escape legal consequences because of their line of work. In return, the fan-favorite duo helped Jimmy orchestrate an evil prank on Haward.

Embarrassing Howard in front of very important people (to Howard at least) was definitely a highlight from last season. A simple prank that could’ve ruined his entire reputation. It left a memory implanted in Howard’s mind for the rest of his life, and to fans of the show, a long-awaited scene of Howard not winning for once.

1 Charles McGill Sr. | Inflatable (S2-E7)

Jimmy and Chuck’s dad. He was mentioned many times during the show but fans had to wait until season 2 to finally catch a glimpse of him. He appeared in a flashback scene that showed a 10-year-old Jimmy helping his father run his convenience store.

The scene is crucial in understanding Jimmy’s personality after he witnessed his father getting scammed by a customer that was faking a need for help. It exposed a weak spot in Jimmy’s father that a young Jimmy noticed right away. It became apparent that Jimmy learned an ugly truth that day… “There are only wolves and sheep in this world”.

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