The Adam Project’s Lightsaber Joke Is Even Better Than You Realize

The Adam Project's Lightsaber Joke Is Even Better Than You Realize

The Adam Project’s lightsaber joke is funny in itself, but those familiar with Reynolds’ Free Guy can add yet another layer of comedy to the bit.

Warning: Mild spoilers for The Adam Project.

The Adam Project’s lightsaber joke is even better than viewers may first realize. The movie has a recurring joke about some technology in Future Adam’s possession, which he repeatedly claims is not a lightsaber despite Young Adam’s insistence. Yet, when he uses the weapon, it turns out that Young Adam isn’t actually that far off.

The Adam Project follows the character Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) and his efforts to unravel the mystery behind his missing wife by traveling back through time. While in 2022, he comes face-to-face with his 12-year-old self. Young Adam (Walker Scobell) is fascinated by the advanced technology created in the future, especially the lightsaber-like staff that his older self uses to propel himself through the air, create shockwaves that push back his opponents, and disintegrate enemies who come into direct contact with its glowing ends. Young Adam finds the hilt and is convinced it’s a lightsaber, which Future Adam repeatedly denies. But when Future Adam finally pulls it out and it’s revealed to indeed look very similar to a Jedi weapon, Young Adam deadpans, “That’s a lightsaber, dude.” The line is made even better when viewers consider one of Reynolds’ other movie projects.


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The Adam Project’s lightsaber joke is fun in itself, but also creates an interesting running gag within Ryan Reynolds’ filmography. One of the best references in Free Guy, another recent movie starring Reynolds, was the moment when his character, Guy, an NPC in a video game, gets a lightsaber. Near the end of the movie, Guy masters his video game world’s tricks enough to be able to summon special items from popular franchises like the MCU and Star Wars. Guy pulls out a lightsaber to fight off his opponent while the Star Wars theme plays in the background. Meanwhile, in the real world, viewers watching him are cheering, and Guy’s human friend, Millie (Jodie Comer), triumphantly says, “That’s a lightsaber, dude.” It’s a fun, lighthearted moment in Free Guy that The Adam Project humorously recalls, a cheeky nod from Reynolds and Shawn Levy, the director of both movies.


It’s far from the movie’s only Ryan Reynolds reference. Near the end of The Adam Project, Young Adam finally gets his hands on his older self’s lightsaber weapon and uses it to propel himself through the air into a dramatic landing, whispering to himself, “Superhero landing!” It’s a fun reference to Deadpool, one of Reynolds’ most popular characters, and further affirms how interconnected many of the actor’s projects are becoming. Many of Reynolds’ characters seem to be varying degrees of the same persona. Not only does he often employ the same fast-talking tendencies in every role, but the small Easter eggs referencing his other works also tie them to each other in small but entertaining ways.

The lightsaber joke in The Adam Project is even better for the viewers who are also familiar with Reynolds’ role in Free Guy. The connection works well to add another layer of comedy to the film that helps balance out its more somber moments. Audiences will have to keep an eye out for more of these references in the actor’s future roles, particularly Deadpool 3, since director Shawn Levy is reportedly reuniting again with Reynolds for the movie.

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