The Circle Season 3 Cast, Ranked By Instagram Followers

The Circle Season 3 Cast, Ranked By Instagram Followers

Nowadays, popularity seems to be gauged by social media following. While we don’t quite live in the terrifying “Nosedive” episode of Black Mirror, many people have managed to achieve celebrity status through social media channels of all kinds, including Instagram.

For reality shows like The Circle, some players go into the game with strong social media games already, such as some of the cast from The Circle season 2. But others slowly grow a fanbase, thanks to the exposure from the show. Of the players from season 3, however, the ones who are tops might surprise fans. Note that “Southern mom,” Michelle Rider, is not on the list, as she does not appear to have an Instagram account. However, she does have a massive following on TikTok, with more than 845,000 followers, which ironically makes Michelle, the oldest player of the season, the most dominant social media personality overall.

Updated on May 8th, 2022 by Christine Persaud: The Circle season 3 cast features an eclectic mix of personalities, each of which stood out for a their own unique reasons. Most of the cast of The Circle season 3 amassed a pretty large social media presence, if they didn’t have one already, once the season’s episodes aired. But over time, as fans gear up for season 4, The Circle season 3 contestants have seen their social presence grow even more. 


11 Ruksana – 55,900 Followers

One of two moms on the season, it’s no surprise that Ruksana’s post features plenty of photos with her husband and daughter, along with a variety of selfies, cute videos, and images with the cast from the show.

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With only 97 posts, she isn’t overly active on Instagram just yet, but chances are she will become more so. She includes two important hashtags in her profile: #realrecognizereal – one she and her closest ally in the game Kai used with one another quite often – and #bollywoodqueen, a nod to her heritage. Ruksana was the most likable player on The Circle season 3.

10 Rachel (Jackson) – 61,300 Followers

Rachel, who played as her best friend’s boyfriend, Jackson, is surprisingly low on the list of followers. That said, she only has 70 posts to date, including some with the cast of the show, as well as plenty of selfies, beach and travel photos, and more.

Residing in Los Angeles, based on her profile, her most recent photo shows her out and about at the beach, in sundresses, and overall enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery.

9 Jacki – 63,300 Followers

Known in the comic book and gaming world as a host, as well as for her Twitch channel, Jacki was the last person to enter the game, which immediately put her at a disadvantage. But when it comes to Instagram game, she is among the top performers of the cast.

In addition to plenty of photos from the show, Jacki also posts lots of personal photos and videos, including many of herself in cosplay, as well as a number of bikini photos.

8 Sophia (Isabella) – 64,000 Followers

Sophia had no issue with revealing that she chose to play as her older, more conventionally attractive sister because, according to her, she felt she would be better received than as the quirky lesbian she really is. Indeed, she made it to the top five and was even able to convince Nick that she was into him.

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Like on the show, Sophia refers to herself as a “goober gal doin’ goober gal things” in her profile. With 214 posts to date, she’s more active on the site than some of the other players from the season. She has plenty of beautifully posed photos, including ones with her long-time girlfriend, where she looks much different than she did on the show.

7 Calvin – 71,100 Followers

The handsome and dapper personal chef and part-time firefighter has plenty of followers on Instagram, despite having only posted 42 times to date. A relatively recent one, posted shortly after the season streamed, was of funny video of Calvin with fellow player Kai, who fans had hoped might get together after the show. In the video, they are taking instructions on how to pose and make model faces.

Calvin also has photos and videos of himself, including many with a chef’s apron, along with lots of posed and shirtless photos.

6 Daniel – 72,500 Followers

The youngest competitor on the show, Daniel describes himself in his profile as “booked and busy” with the hashtag #bethatbi*ch. Another player who hasn’t been very active on the site, with just 68 posts, his most recent images show his worldly travels, posing in a variety of exciting locations.

Adorably, one of the photos on Daniel’s account is the very same one he used for his profile on the show, which he posted back in June. Daniel is one of the players fans believe didn’t deserve to be blocked on The Circle.

5 Nick (Vince) – 89,300 Followers

Nick was a favorite, both among fans and other players. Even when he played the burner profile of Vince, he managed to get people to like his quirky ghost hunting stories. He was ranked as an influencer or high on the list consistently each week, with the exception of the finale, where he was voted down because the others knew he would win otherwise. His decision to align with Kai was one of the best strategic decisions in The Circle season 3.

Nick’s Instagram account, which only has 65 posts to date, notes his location as being Austin, Texas, and includes lots of photos of him out and about. Along with shirtless posed photos, photos with his dog, a guitar, and drums, fans will find both photos that Nick disclosed to others on The Circle as part of his profile.

4 Kai – 106,000 Followers

Kai quickly emerged as a favorite on the show, both by other players and fans. She was kind and honest, but also smart and strategic. She made it far, thanks to building alliances with all the right people – i.e. all of the people who weren’t catfishes – and becoming an early favorite.

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She has only posted 46 times on Instagram, appearing to have only set up her account in 2019. She lists herself as a singer/songwriter who resides in Los Angeles.

3 Matthew (Ashley) – 125,000 Followers

It’s no surprise that Matthew, who came in second in the game playing as his best friend Ashley, ranks in the top three of followers from the show. Like the others, he has posted plenty of shirtless selfies, including ones where he is just posing, some working out in the gym, and a few posing with the real-life Ashley.

He includes photos of his travels to various locations and plenty of nude (though tastefully covered) full-body images. Matthew’s bio includes inspirational words and personal mantras like “God, Gains, & Gratitude” and “Be Bold. Be Proud. Be You,” a statement he wrote to his Circle houseguests on the show.

2 Ava And Chanel – 255,000 Followers

The account belonging to Ava, who was playing as herself but secretly with her older sister, has the second-most followers of all players, despite the fact that the pair was the first voted out this season. They did, however, have the opportunity to come back in the game and clone the profile of another player in one of the best twists in The Circle season 3. She is the most active on Twitter, with close to 3,000 posts to date and following more than 4,000 others. Chanel Capra has 14k followers on Instagram.

She lists herself as a singer, actress, model, and influencer and posts a variety of selfies, photos with the cast from the show, and other images of her outside a variety of hotspots. Ava looks virtually unrecognizable in her most recent posts sporting a new long, straight dark-haired do.

1 James – 539,000 Followers

It’s fitting that the winner of the season would have the most followers, which can be also attributed to the fact that he is also a comedian. He has 408 posts to date, including a variety of images, from photos of shows he’s currently watching to those from The Circle, and others as he’s out and about.

One of James’ posts, in fact, is a photo of him and Xavier, the first Black winner of Big Brother, who took home the big prize in 2021 for the 23rd season of that reality competition series. He also has plenty of photos with his long-time girlfriend, who he spoke of while on the show, though kept secret from other players until the end as a strategic move.

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