The Conners Clearly Doesn’t Know What To Do With Becky

The Conners Clearly Doesn’t Know What To Do With Becky

Becky has gotten plenty of storylines to herself on The Conners season 4. The problem is that none of these plots have added up to anything.

Although The Conners season 4 has tried to do a lot with Becky, the show’s storylines make it clear that the sitcom has no idea where it is going with her character. Currently, the question of whether or not The Conners season 5 will happen is still up in the air. While the sitcom deserves an opportunity to fix its storytelling issues, The Conners season 4 has some major issues that the series needs to resolve.

For example, the long-running feud between Harris and Darlene has remained stagnant for numerous episodes at a time and occasionally The Conners season 4 seemingly forgets that the duo are in conflict. Similarly, Ben and Darlene’s relationship (or lack thereof) is going nowhere on The Conners season 4 despite their obvious chemistry, making Ben’s persistent presence in the family’s home life a little hard to justify. However, no character has been left more adrift by The Conners season 4 than Becky.


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Although some of the show’s characters, like The Conners family’s father Dan, have received less story focus in season 4, this has not been the main problem for Becky. Instead, The Conners season 4 has seen her sent down numerous plot pathways, and the issue is that none of them have stuck. This has left Darlene’s stories to do most of the narrative heavy lifting, with her tumultuous history with Ben, her feud with Harris, and her occasional issues with Mark making up most of the overarching stories of The Conners season 4. In contrast, Becky’s season 4 plots included a romance, a traumatic incident involving her daughter, and struggling with adult education — none of which The Conners has combined into any meaningful character development.

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For example, Becky’s short-lived relationship with Professor Davis went nowhere and ended fast, despite a charming turn from sitcom stalwart Marc Evan Jackson. Similarly, Becky’s clingy attachment to her daughter after she and her father were almost involved in a shooting was solved by the end of that Very Special Episode, despite Becky never receiving any of the therapy she sought out. Her struggles with alcoholism have gone unmentioned for some time and her relationship with Emilio remains stagnant, resulting in The Conners season 4 neglecting her character growth for some time now, even though the show hasn’t diminished her screen time.

It would have made sense, for example, for Professor Davis to help Becky cope with her stress surrounding her daughter’s safety after The Conners shooting episode since he was a psychology expert who she was romantically involved with. Instead, the next episode saw them break up without any emotion of Becky’s short-lived trauma. Similarly, Becky’s complaints that the rest of her fellow students were excluding her because of her age could have been a compelling multi-episode arc, but instead it was solved within one episode and ended up resulting in her nosy new friends later discovering her relationship with Professor Davis. The lack of connective tissue between her plots and each episode’s events has resulted in Becky’s character going nowhere in The Conners season 4, something the sitcom needs to address going forward.

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