The First Places You Need To Go (New Player Guide)

The First Places You Need To Go (New Player Guide)

Surviving in the world of The Forest is by no means an easy feat. Players are tasked with keeping themselves alive after crash landing in an unknown location, and this proves difficult enough when it comes to finding shelter, water, and food. Where things become even more problematic is that there are a host of cannibals and mutants hiding deep inside the forest and caves here biding their time to kidnap and kill the player.

The Forest is slightly different from other survival games as almost everything scales after the first few hours of the game. The evolution can catch The Forest players off-guard as cannibals get smarter, deadlier, and more apprehensive as players spend more time. Due to this steep evolution, players need to visit a few places in the opening hours to gather resources to survive the onslaught.


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Defeating and/or avoiding these enemies becomes one of the primary goals in The Forest as the player tries to survive in The Forest. The best way to help on this endeavor is for the player to ensure that they are well stocked and armed right from the beginning of the game, but this can take a lot of work if the player doesn’t know what they are doing. Luckily, there are several locations that the player can visit right at the beginning of the game to stock up and get a leg up over their enemies. This guide shows players all the locations they should visit first in The Forest.

The Forest: Places To Visit First

The Forest Cannibals

One thing that many new players may not realize about The Forest is that as the days go on more and more deadly enemies will appear to attack the player. The first week of in-game time is the safest time period that the player will ever have on the surface level, so they should use this to their advantage to acquire as many supplies as possible from these areas. Once the player has erected a small camp and crafted a few weapons they will want to start exploring these areas as thoroughly as possible.

The Area Around Plane Crash – Without a doubt, one of the most resource-rich areas of the game is the starting location. Right after the player wakes up from the plane crash they will find that everyone’s luggage has been spread out around the immediate area. These suitcases can be cracked open in order to collect alcohol, snacks, cloth, duct tape, and other important resources that the player isn’t able to craft on their own. In the early moments of the game snacks and soda will be very important for the player to get their hands on as they will stop the player from starving as they work to set up more reliable ways to acquire food and water. Players will need to remember that this area can be very dangerous though, so they shouldn’t spend a lot of time here unless they are prepared to fight.

Main Village – When exploring the surface level of the world players will eventually come across cannibal villages. These camps have been set up by cannibals and typically contain all kinds of different resources and items. The main village is the largest one that has been constructed by the cannibals and players will find it in the southeast portion of the map. In this area, players will find suitcases full of things like cloth, snacks, and duct tape, but there are also other great items to uncover as well. Players will find rope, fuel cans, dynamite, and flares that are hard to find anywhere else on the surface. This is by far the best location in the game to raid for resources, but players will need to keep an eye out for any enemies nearby.

The Yacht – This is a great location for many reasons. If players want to complete the game’s story they will need to check out the yacht later on in the game, but exploring it in the early moments will also grant the player many kinds of useful items and resources. The most useful out of these being several rope and the cassette player. The cassette player is nice in that it can give the player a lot of background info on the things around them, but can also help them regenerate their sanity levels as well. This is also a great area to set up a base in The Forest since it is out in the water away from enemy cannibals.

Cave 2 (and Hidden Room) – This is the first cave that players will want to explore and depending on good the player is in combat they may have to explore it against their will. This cave has its main entrance in the middle of the main village, so players will be able to access it easily. Additionally if the player “dies” on the surface they will be kidnapped and dragged to this cave as well. Players will be able to find all kinds of different resources throughout this cave, especially since there are passenger corpses and suitcases spread throughout the cave. Players who look hard enough though will also be able to find a hidden room that contains several story-related items, explosives, arrows, and even the best axe in the game, the Modern Axe.

Film Crew Camp – One of the few non-cannibal camps that the player will be able to find in The Forest is this one that once belonged to the film crew for a TV show. Everyone that once camped here has either fled or is deceased (the latter is most likely due to the amount of corpses nearby) so the player shouldn’t feel too bad about looting the area for everything they can find. A metal pot can be found here, which is perfect for the player to boil contaminated water or make stews. This is also one of the best locations in the game to farm flares and modern arrows, so the player will want to check this area out whenever possible.

Cave 1 – This cave is called Dead Cave and is actually a fairly dangerous area for the player to explore early on in the game. Players should not explore the whole cave unless they are well-armed, but there is an area that the player can explore that contains few enemies, and grants them access to one of the best weapons in The Forest. The main entrance to this cave is southeast of the massive sinkhole and once they enter they can immediately go left to avoid encountering enemies and wind up in a room containing a few corpses. Here the player will find a lot of great resources, meds, and the Katana.

Cave 5 – The final cave that players will want to check out early in the game is Cave 5, the Submerged Cave. The majority of this cave is underwater, but the player will be able to acquire the Rebreather here that allows them to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. Players will want to get this item before exploring some of the other caves because many of them do have underwater portions for the player to explore. Players will find the entrance to this cave in the southwest portion of the map, so it is fairly easy to check it out within the first couple of in-game days. There also aren’t many enemies here so the player won’t have to worry about coming well-armed.

Cave 7 – Players will be able to get a tennis racket, pedometer, a flashlight, toy arm, toy leg, and a modern bow in this cave. Cave 7 should be visited after gathering vital resources as the cave system is slightly more complex than others. 

Hunting: Players should start hunting as soon as possible as it will provide players with vital resources that can save their life and help craft equipment in The Forest. For example, players can hunt for turtles for its shell. Similarly, fishing and hunting other animals will give players access to meat, hide, and other resources that will help players survives in the beginning. 

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The Forest can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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