The Good Fight Season 6 Story Details Revealed

The Good Fight Season 6 Story Details Revealed

Co-showrunners of The Good Fight, Michelle and Robert King, reveal details about The Good Fight season 6’s story, hinting at a civil war plot.

The Good Fight co-creators reveal details about season 6. The Good Fight premiered in 2017 on CBS All Access, CBS’s streaming service that evolved into Paramount+. It’s a spin-off of The Good Wife, a legal drama following former lawyer Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) as she returns to her law career after a scandal involving her husband surfaces. The Good Wife aired its last season in 2016, and The Good Fight picked up where it left off. It focuses on one of the partners at Alicia’s firm, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). Both The Good Wife and The Good Fight were created by showrunners Michelle and Robert King and co-creator Phil Alden Robinson.


The Good Fight season 1 introduced viewers to Diane, a lawyer who is forced to leave her law firm after her mentee and goddaughter Maia (Rose Leslie) is involved in a financial scam that ruins Maia’s reputation and wipes out Diane’s savings. The two join Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) ‘s law firm and eventually become partners at the firm. Throughout each season, The Good Fight tackled political topics like the #MeToo movement, the rise of the alt-right, and fake news. Since the show premiered at the beginning of the Trump administration, many of its commentaries have focused on the politics of the post-Obama era. The show’s attempts at timely content are not always well-received; last year, Selena Gomez slammed The Good Fight for an insensitive kidney transplant joke. 

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The Kings tell Deadline that the upcoming season 6 will continue the show’s trend of covering timely political issues. Between a 49-year-old ruling on abortion rights somehow being challenged and Cold War-era conflicts resurfacing, current politics have been giving many people a sense of déjà vu, and the Kings are hoping to reflect that in The Good Fight season 6. The showrunners are even hinting at ending the show with the United States falling into a literal civil war, as they’ve observed that’s where the U.S. may be heading. As for season 6 cast details, the Kings put to bed any rumors of The Good Wife actors appearing at the end of The Good Fight, saying Margulies and others have too much on their plates to come back. Check out two statements from the Kings, below:

Maybe this sounds like we’re recycling but we want Diane to have a sense, haven’t I done this before? haven’t I done that before? That just felt like a way to be kind of meta and reflect what we thought was going on with liberals and progressives around in a sense that we thought these fights were done.

Our show is usually about the liberal mind-set and psychology and how, it’s riding the surface of these years, not just the Trump years, but the post-Trump years. So I think we’re just reacting to the feeling of the zeitgeist, that things are getting more tense, that people are not as willing to settle things politically. They want to settle things, which they can’t settle politically, violently.

Characters from The Good Fight.

It was recently announced that The Good Fight season 6 would be its last. The end of The Good Fight marks the final chapter of a 13-season era for the writing partners. Production for season 6 is already underway, and the Kings emphasize that they’ll likely be doing reshoots through August. That means that as current events continue to develop, the writers will be able to update the scripts as they see fit to keep up with the latest real-life political developments. Last-minute story changes are something the show has done before – the Kings had to do a rewrite of the very first episode after Trump won the presidential election instead of Clinton.

While the show is committed to accurately portraying timely events, season 6 seems like it will also involve some speculative elements, like showing the U.S. falling into a violent civil war. It will certainly be interesting to see how that element of the show plays out. The creators are insisting that portraying impending violence is the best way they could think of ending the story, but finishing up the show in that way is definitely a big risk. 

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The Good Fight season 6 premieres September 8, 2022

Source: Deadline


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