The Green Lantern Corps Hides the Most Heartwarming Secret in DC History

The Green Lantern Corps Hides the Most Heartwarming Secret in DC History

The Green Lantern Corps has been honoring some of the greatest comic book figures in a way that’s gone unnoticed even by the most hardcore DC fans.

There’s a secret among the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps, and it’s one of the best things the DC Universe has hiding in plain sight. It turns out the interstellar police force has an interesting way of honoring some iconic figures in the comic book industry.

Fans know the Green Lantern Corps is DC’s number one peacekeeping force. With over 3600 sectors of space to patrol, the Corps recruits beings from the furthest reaches of space to help keep the universe safe from a number of alien threats. While some of the most notable ring-slingers come from Earth, DC has plenty of bizarre Green Lanterns that are equally worthy of wielding a Power Ring. From chipmunks, to zombies and literal planets, Green Lanterns come in all stripes. Anyone capable of overcoming great fear and have a spark of imagination are more than worthy of joining the Corps.


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And hidden among the many members of the Green Lanterns is a touching little secret sure to warm the heart of any fan. It turns out that many notable Corps members are actually named after some pretty iconic names in comics and science fiction. For example, may fans know that about Green Lantern Guy Gardner’s egotistical streak, but how many know that he was actually named after Gardner Fox, one of, if not the, most prolific writer in DC’s history? And Guy isn’t the only one. The Thanagarian Lantern Isamot Kol is named after DC editor and Green Lantern Corps writer Peter Tomasi (Isamot being “Tomasi” backwards). Speaking of backwards, the ambitious young Arisia Rrab’s name was taken from sci-fi writer Mike W. Barr (Rrab is Barr backwards). Though Barr co-created the character, her surname was revealed later in Blackest Night: Tales from the Corps #3 in a story written by Tomasi.

Green Lanterns Isamot Guy Gardner Arisia DC Comics

This is quite the touching tribute indeed. DC may have named Batman after historical figures, but the namesakes of the Corps are a bit more relevant to the company’s own history. After all, Gardner Fox helped create a number of Golden Age heroes and wrote the landmark story “The Flash of Two Worlds.” Tomasi and Barr have also had sizeable contributions to the comic book industry. Their names being used for Green Lantern characters is the perfect way of honoring their legacies.

No matter the impact a comic creator has on their field, they remain mortal all the same. Unlike those bound to the mortal coil, the rank and file of the Green Lantern Corps has existed for nearly seven decades with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With thousands of Lanterns in the organization, there’s the potential to give any one of them a name that acknowledges a creator who has left a lasting mark on the comic book history. In addition to the work they leave behind, a Green Lantern namesake honors writers and artists by attaching their name to a hero, the perfect tribute for any comic creator. Who knows what comic book figure will be lucky enough to have their name added to the Green Lantern Corps’ and DC’s greatest legacy.

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