The Most Inspirational Decisions The Characters Made

The Most Inspirational Decisions The Characters Made

Despite its ending in the early 2000s, Friends has continued to stay relevant, especially following the reunion featured on HBO last year, even inspiring modern sitcoms like How I Met Your Father.

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With the show having such a large fanbase, there are a lot of aspects of the series that fans have strong opinions on. Throughout the ten seasons, there were many inspiring decisions the friends made. From parenting, career decisions, or relationships, the characters make memorable choices that teach the audience valuable life lessons.

10 Rachel And Ross On A Break

Ross Geller And Rachel Green Hugging

Though Rachel and Ross are, at the least, the most controversial couple in the sitcom, the show certainly led up to them ending up together right from the beginning.

While it was almost annoying to see the back and forth between the on and off again couple, the best thing they did for their relationship was staying apart for a while. If fans can learn anything from Ross, it’s that it’s best not to force things and continue a toxic relationship. In the end, it only seemed to work between them because they had some time apart to learn what they meant to each other.

9 Making Long Distance Work

Monica and Chandler Friends

Though it took a long time for Monica and Chandler to become a couple, they are also one of the most inspiring couples in the show.

One of the worst things to happen to Monica was her breakup with Richard, but it taught her to be confident in what she wanted out of life. When Chandler has to take a job in Oklahoma and Monica wanted to stay in New York to take a chef job, they didn’t let that get in the way of their good marriage. Throughout the long-distance relationship, they presented a great example of what it takes to make a relationship work through hard times.


8 Chandler’s Career Change

Monica and Chandler seated at Central Perk in Friends

One of the running jokes in this sitcom is that none of his friends really understood what he did for work. While this was funny, it was also a bit heartbreaking when it was revealed that he didn’t enjoy his job.

When he quits his job to move back to New York permanently, his most inspiring decision was to finally pursue his passions. Though he at first hates that the job is an internship, he quickly learns that he loves being in advertising and it fulfills him more than his old career. Though new beginnings are always scary, Chandler’s career change later in life was a remarkable display of taking chances.

7 Rachel Pursued Fashion

When Rachel left her old life and moved to New York, the only job she was able to get with no skillset was a job waitressing at Central Perks.

While she was a waitress for a while, she finally decides that she wants to do something more with her life. Though Rachel is often seen as a bit of a snob and too obsessed with looks, it pays off in her favor. It was satisfying for fans to see her make a career out of something she’s always had a passion for.

6 Joey Being An Actor

It was nice to see all of the friends pursue careers that fulfilled them, and the often humorous Joey was no exception.

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Joey’s character right from the beginning demonstrated the “starving artist” cliche with him struggling to find acting jobs and at one point even working at Central Perks to make money. However, he never gives up on his dream of becoming a famous actor. Though often expressed in a funny way, Joey’s pride in being a soap opera star on Days of Our Lives emphasizes his pride in his achievements.

5 Rachel And Ross Co-Parenting

Though Rachel and Ross eventually end up together by the end of the series, they are broken up for years before they become the parents to their daughter Emma.

Despite their differences and often tumultuous relationship, after their child is born they’re seen co-parenting well together. They continue to have their funny (and often annoying) spats about things, as friends and exes often do, but they never failed to try their hardest to raise their daughter with values they believed in.

4 Phoebe And Mike’s Relationship

Friends Mike plays the air piano for Phoebe

Fans can learn a lot from Phoebe Buffay, but one of the big lessons from her is that love doesn’t have to come right away.

Phoebe is one of the only friends that doesn’t have multiple serious relationships, but when she meets Mike it’s clear quite early into their relationship that they’re good for each other. Though they split for some time because Mike has reservations about a second marriage, they inevitably learned that they were in love and meant to be together. Their relationship is inspiring, showing fans love doesn’t have to come easily or right away to be worth it.

3 Chandler And Monica Adopting

Chandler and Monica holding their twins in the apartment

Early on in the series, it’s clear that Monica Gellar wants a happily ever after with a good marriage and children. It’s her desire for children that eventually ends her serious relationship with Richard.

However, not everything goes as they plan. When Chandler and Monica learn they can’t naturally conceive children, they don’t let that stop them from having a family. One of the most inspiring lessons Monica teaches fans is that not everything can go as planned. In the end, it was satisfying to see the couple get their happy ending.

2 Rachel Running From Her Wedding

Rachel Green sitting on the couch at Central Perk in her wedding dress during the pilot episode

Rachel’s first appearance is when she runs into Central Perks in her wedding dress after she ran from her own wedding.

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This decision completely alters her life, being cut off from her father’s money and having to start her adult life from scratch. However, she knew that she didn’t want to marry Barry and she wouldn’t be happy if she did. If she hadn’t left her almost-husband at the alter, she would have likely never found the confidence to do things for herself like start a career and raise a child.

1 Joey And Rachel Stayed Friends

At one point early in the series, Joey has a crush on Rachel but doesn’t act on it. However, later on, Rachel develops a crush on Joey and it inevitably leads to them beginning to date.

But this relationship ends after their first official date. Though they seem to have some attraction to each other, they learn that they’re too good of friends to risk ruining their relationship with romance. By the end of the show, four of the six are in relationships with one another, but these two prove some friendships are too good to chance ruining.

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