The Quarry: How to Unlock Every Ending

The Quarry: How to Unlock Every Ending

There are a variety of outcomes to experience in The Quarry, and each ending will rely on decisions, interactions, and quick-time events that occur throughout the game’s 10 chapters. Some endings follow the same path and require only one or two choices to be altered. Unlocking every ending will take a while, but it can be fun to experience different endings and follow new paths.

While completing chapters, The Quarry swaps between nine different characters, and each one can be killed or saved depending on the decisions made. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine which choices will end or save a life, and failing to make the right decision can have a rippling effect. Not every choice will have an impact on the endings in The Quarry, but there are several important decisions to consider in most of the chapters.


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There are a few different endings that involve finding Silas, but they all depend on Travis trusting Laura and providing her with vital information. In order to ensure Travis and Laura cooperate, there are a few decisions in chapters three, seven, and nine that must be made. After gaining Travis’ trust, there are a few different paths that lead to various endings. Laura can kill Silas, kill Silas and Travis, or refuse to kill Silas. Each ending requires different decisions at the end of the story, but the setup is the same for these first three possible endings.

Key Decisions For All Silas Endings In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Bobby

Chapter 3: While playing as Ryan in chapter three, he will be able to rescue Nick by shooting Bobby. After Bobby is shot, he will flee and leave behind a vial that can be used later in chapter 10. If a mistake is made in The Quarry and the vial isn’t obtained, the Silas endings can still be unlocked, but some characters may not survive.Chapter 7: As Laura, players can explore the cell in chapter seven and loosen the brick by the bed using the spoon from the windowsill. After loosening the brick, Laura will be able to find a syringe on the top floor while exploring the police station. After reaching the top floor, the locker with the syringe can be found in the last office. The syringe needs to be hidden behind the loosened brick before Laura goes to sleep. Players need to make sure they don’t take Travis’ gun the next morning when given the opportunity. Later on, Laura will fake being sick to lure Travis in, then a quick-time event needs to be completed successfully to drug him and escape.Chapter 9: When Constance shuts the lights off and attacks Laura, the action button can be mashed while struggling for the gun. Laura will accidentally shoot and kill Constance in this Until Dawn spiritual successor, The Quarry. Later in the chapter, Ryan needs to leave the knife in after being stabbed to keep from bleeding out. When Bobby runs in, players shouldn’t press anything. This will lead to Ryan agreeing to be infected to heal his wound. Next, Ryan will need to shoot the monster, who’s actually Chris, after falling through the floor with it. This will cure Laura which prevents Travis from killing her. Travis will reveal that Caleb was actually the first one that was bitten. Laura and Travis will then agree to work together to find Silas and break the curse.

Kill Silas & Solve The Mystery In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Hackett House

To get this ending, there are a few things that need to be done. Before searching for Silas, Ryan will offer Laura the vial obtained in chapter three. The character that has the vial will be immune for the final chapter, but it doesn’t matter which character has it. When the group locates Silas, Laura will need to approach the nest and immediately shoot him to break the curse. Whether playing The Quarry alone or with friends, making this decision ensures that Laura, Travis, and Ryan survive until the end.

Laura Kills Travis & Silas In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Travis

This ending starts the same as the last one with Ryan offering the vial. Accepting or refusing it is optional, so players can choose one, then head into the woods. When approaching Silas’ nest, Laura should refuse to raise her gun. Ryan and Travis react negatively to this. Travis lunges forward and tries to grab the gun from Laura, then a quick-time event will trigger that needs to be failed. Travis will then be attacked and killed by Silas. During the attack, Laura will be able to shoot Silas. With Travis and Silas dead, the mystery remains unsolved, but Laura and Ryan both live.

Laura Refuses To Kill Silas In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Laura

To unlock this ending, players need to approach the nest and refuse to shoot Silas again. However, this time Laura should successfully complete the quick-time event when Travis goes for the gun. Travis will fall and Laura will have the option of killing this member of The Quarry’s cast. Doing so will result in either Ryan or Laura dying as well depending on which character ended up with the vial that grants immunity. Since Laura refused to kill Silas, he is set free and the curse persists.

All Of The Hacketts Die In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Elisa

For this ending, players will help the fortune teller, Elisa, kill the Hacketts to save Silas. Early decisions won’t affect this ending, so players can continue through the story until reaching chapter nine. When Constance attempts to take Laura’s gun, a quick-time event will trigger. Completing it successfully will result in Laura accidentally shooting Constance. Laura can also kill Jed by attacking him when he confronts her shortly after.

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When Ryan gets stabbed, he should leave the knife in until Bobby appears later. The knife can then be used to stab Bobby so he flees. When Ryan is offered the option of being bitten so he can heal, players should refuse to avoid triggering the search for Silas in Supermassive Games’ The Quarry. Next, Ryan will fall through the floor with Chris as a monster, and he should shoot him. Bobby will also die in this scene from the stab wound earlier. Ryan eventually dies from blood loss as well, then Travis and Laura will both go for the shotgun he drops. Winning the quick-time event will give Laura the gun, then she can shoot and kill Travis.

The last Hackett to kill is Caleb in chapter 10. When prompted to investigate the noise or go into the kitchen, players should head toward the noise. Abigail and Emma will give Kaitlyn silver shells that can be used to kill Caleb in a quick-time event. After all the Hacketts are dead, Elisa will express her gratitude before the game’s epilogue is unlocked and the final cutscene plays.

Laura Is Taken Prisoner In The Quarry

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Laura Cell

To unlock the ending where Laura is captured, players will need to repeat the same decisions that were made to unlock the ending where all the Hacketts die. However, instead of completing the quick-time event for Ryan’s shotgun, players should fail, letting Travis take the weapon. Travis will take Laura as a prisoner and lock her back in the cell. After completing chapter 10, the epilogue will show Laura still being held in her cell as Travis’ prisoner.

Everyone Dies In The Quarry’s Worst Ending

The Quarry How to Unlock Every Ending Ryan Knife

To get the worst possible ending for The Quarry, key decisions need to be made to ensure everyone dies. Starting with chapter four, players will need to identify several significant moments in each section going forward. Opportunities will arise where players can make wrong decisions, fail quick-time events, or do nothing so that each character is dead by the end of the game, unlocking the worst ending.

Chapter 4: Both Jacob and Emma can be killed during chapter four regardless of any choices made in previous sections. While playing as Ryan at the beginning of chapter four, he will hear noises coming from the bush. When given the option to aim the gun, players will need to choose Shoot Gun, Insistent, then Shoot Gun again. Ryan will fire into the bushes killing Jacob, who was hiding there. Later in the chapter, players will enter a treehouse while in control of Emma. When prompted, open the trapdoor, then a monster will pop out killing Emma.Chapter 6: While playing as Abigail in chapter six, players will enter a pool house and initiate a confrontation with Nick inside. After Nick pushes Abigail against the wall, a prompt to shoot him appears. Doing nothing will lead to Nick transforming into a monster, and he will immediately kill Abigail.

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Chapter 7: Chapter seven is important for setting up a few character deaths for the bad ending later on. While in the police station, Laura cannot pick up the syringe upstairs. Instead, players should immediately go back to bed, then lure Travis into the cell the next morning by faking pain. When prompted to shoot, Laura will need to complete the first quick-time event and fail the second one to leave Travis bleeding in the cell.Chapter 8: When Laura and Ryan enter the tunnel in chapter eight, they will come across a caged monster. If Ryan doesn’t interrupt Laura, she will shoot and kill the monster who turns out to be Nick.Chapter 9: When Dylan is operating the crane in chapter nine, a prompt will appear to warn Kaitlyn and sound the horn. After choosing this option in The Quarry, players will need to fail the quick-time event that follows to let the monster break through the window and kill Dylan. Later in the chapter, Ryan will be attacked by Chris as a monster after it falls through the attic floor, and players will need to shoot it so that Max can be killed in chapter 10. As soon as the monster is shot, Travis will appear to stab and kill Laura for what she did to him in chapter seven. When Ryan fights Travis, the aggressive option should be selected, then players need to fail the quick-time event. Travis will shoot and kill Ryan as a result of failing.Chapter 10: As long as Ryan shot the monster in this horror survival game’s previous chapter, Max’s curse will be lifted, and players will take control of him at the start of chapter 10. When prompted, the option to swim to shore needs to be selected. A moment later, a monster will pop up and kill Max. The last character alive is Kaitlyn, who will be attacked in the lodge at the end of chapter 10. Players should choose to wait, then not shoot the monster in order to trigger Kaitlyn’s death. After Kaitlyn dies, there will be no other characters left alive, and the worst ending for The Quarry will be unlocked.

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The Quarry is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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