The Weeping City of Mhach

The Weeping City of Mhach

You survived plundering the haunted behemoth in the clouds. Now it’s time to build upon the horrors you discovered. The Void Ark is a relic of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, but what if you could see what became of the civilization that created it?

Cait Sith leads the Warrior of Light and the Redbill pirates into the remains of the Mhachi people. The ruined city of Yafaem is nothing more than a home to monsters these days, but it also contains the Nullstone, a relic that might send the Voidsent back where they came from. Diabolos wants it, so you need to get it first!

Be warned that raid guides contain spoilers. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of raids for yourself, give them a try first before referring to a guide. Then, come back here for some help if you have trouble!

How To Unlock The Weeping City of Mhach

The Weeping City of Mhach is the second part of the Alliance Raid series for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, requiring a total of 24 players to complete. It continues the Shadow of Mhach plotline started with The Void Ark.

The first unlock quest is “The Weeping City” from Stacia in The Sea of Clouds (X: 6.2, Y: 5.8). The quest will only be available once you’ve completed The Void Ark raid and its related quest, “To Rule the Skies”.

First Mob Pulls

There are some easy mobs in-between you and the first boss. The first pull the raid will encounter is two mobs of three Sarcosuchus each. You can split them, but it’s always faster to keep them together and burn them down. Then you’ll run into three sets of mobs, with a First Daughter at the head and two Yafaem Spider adds. Once again, just group everything together to burn them down and keep your tanks topped off.

FFXIV Arachne Eve

First Boss: Arachne Eve

Your first boss in this raid is this giant spider woman Arachne Eve. You’ll face off against her in a circular arena with no hazard zone along the edge.

Phase One

Dark Spike: This is the boss’ single-target hard-hitting tankbuster. Tanks use your cooldowns for this.
Silken Spray: A conal AoE projected from the boss’ rear. Avoid this or you’ll take damage and get the Heavy debuff.
Sticky Web: The boss marks three (3) players with target markers. At the end of the cast, the boss will shoot webs at those targets, making Sticky Web zones on the battlefield. These will deal damage over time. If you’re marked, move to the edges of the arena to drop the webs away from the group.
Burrow: The boss will dig into the ground. Then there will be concentric donut AoEs that you have to dodge, starting with a circle AoE where the boss burrowed. Avoid the AoEs.
Return: Right after Burrow, the boss will mark a spot with a proximity AoE marker. Move as far away from this as possible.
Sticky Wicket: Some raid members will be marked with large, green AoE markers. When the cast ends, those players and another caught in their AoE will be tethered together. Like the second boss of the Void Ark, you can break a tether by having an unaffected player walk through the center of it.
Frond Affeared: The boss will start casting this and show a Gaze marker. Face away from it to avoid getting the Hysteria debuff.

Phase Two

The boss begins this phase by casting a huge web that divides the arena into two platforms. One is the standard arena, while the other is a web platform high above it where the entire raid will be taken initially. If you are on the upper web platform, avoid the sickly green-yellow areas as they’ll cause damage over time. The boss will begin to summon blue Deep Earth Aether orbs toward it. You need to kill these before they reach the boss.

Implosion: The boss will cast this raid-wide AoE periodically throughout this phase. The more orbs it consumes, the harder this hits. Too many, and that’s a raid wipe.
Spitting Spider: These are adds that need to be picked up by the tanks and burned down by the raid party. When they die, they’ll create a hole in the web that raid members can use to jump down to the lower section.
Webmaiden: This is an add in the lower section. One tank should pick this up, but it’s not your primary focus. Instead, you’ll be focusing on…
Keyknot: There are three of these in the lower section. These need to be destroyed to end the phase.

The thrust of this phase is preventing the orbs from reaching the boss, while one alliance moves to the bottom platform to take care of the Keyknots. Occasionally, the boss will web a player and pull them back into the upper web arena.

Phase Three

This is an enhanced version of Phase One, with new mechanics.

Shadow Burst: This is a stack marker on one raid member. The raid party needs to stack on the affected player to minimize damage.
The Widow’s Kiss: The boss will burrow into the arena and begin to suck the raid party toward the center. If you’re consumed, you’ll take big damage. Remember the web zones from Sticky Wicket earlier? Stand on those to prevent yourself from being consumed. You’ll take damage over time, but it’s much lower than the Widow’s Kiss.
Pitfall: The boss will return to the center of the arena, dealing high damage to anyone nearby. This is why the Sticky Wicket webs should be put on the outside of the arena!

From this point on, you’ve seen all the bosses mechanics and the fight is merely surviving and burning it down. Good job.

Second Mob Pulls

After a brief ride down some roaring rapids and some cliffjumping, you’ll arrive at the next part of the raid. You’ll run into a pack of three Mhachi Bhoot. When they die, they’ll summon a Mhachi Ghost and a few Black Mage Corpse adds. One tank can pick up the Ghost, while another grabs the adds. Kill the Ghost first.

The next pack is six Mhachi Bhoot. When they die, it’ll summon three Mhachi Ghosts. Just bring them together and burn them down, avoiding their conal AoE attacks.

FFXIV Forgall

Second Boss – Forgall

Forgall will fight you in another circular arena. This is an add-heavy fight, so be prepared.

Phase One

Shriveled Talon: These are zombie adds that the boss will summon in the very beginning and throughout the fight. These need to die before the next mechanic. Warning: when they die, they create big green puddles. Avoid these, as touching them once gives you Gradual Zombification and a second time turns this into Zombification, which turns you into an uncontrollable zombie.
Necropurge: This is what the boss casts after summoning the first set of adds. Any Shriveled Talons that are alive when this cast finishes will explode for big damage, so kill them before this happens.
Megiddo Flame: The boss casts three long line AoEs. Avoid them.
Punishing Ray: When the boss cast this, several purple columns will appear on the battlefield. Each one needs one raid member to stand in it to soak the damage. Doing so will apply a Bleeding debuff. When finished, the boss will cast a raid-wide AoE that deals damage based on the number of soaked columns. Megiddo Flame will sometimes come during this — if so, avoid the AoEs first, then move back into the columns.


Brand of the Fallen: Some raid members will be markers with triangle icons. Marked players need to stack on each other. The further you are away from the rest, the more damage you’ll take. If marked players are too far from each other, they’ll get a Toad debuff.
Evil Mist: This is another raid-wide AoE, which will also summon Poison Mist orbs around the arena. These will explode in medium-sized circular AoE that will deal damage and add Zombification stacks. Avoid them.
Dark Eruption: Some raid members will be marked with orange indicators. Eventually, they’ll drop three subsequent puddles of fire on the arena. Move to the edge and split apart to drop the puddles so they cover as little an area as possible.

Phase Two – Void Call

Void Call: Forgall will summon three adds: a Summoned Succubus, Summoned Haagenti, and Summoned Dahak.
Beguiling Mist: This is the Succubus’ attack. This will hit players with the Seduced debuff, causing them to walk in an AoE that just… hits you with everything. It’s bad. You can stun the add to prevent this from being cast.
Mortal Ray: This is the Haagenti’s attack. It’s a Gaze mechanic, so look away or you’ll be afflicted by Doom. Healers, you can use Esuna on Doom.
Mega Eruption: A raid-wide AoE that the boss casts when all the adds are dead.

For this phase, each tank needs to take one of the adds and separate them. Aside from the tanks and a healer to keep the tanks alive, the rest of the raid party should then focus-fire the Succubus, because Beguiling Mist is very bad. Then you can kill the Haagenti, and then the Dahak.

Phase Three

Like the previous boss, this is an enhanced version of Phase One, with some new mechanics.

Megadeath: This is a cast that does massive raid-wide damage. You can minimize the damage by using the puddles from Shriveled Talon adds or Evil Mist orbs to give you the Gradual Zombification debuff. Having full Zombification will nullify the damage, but you’ll be a zombie, so stay in the Gradual state.
Hell Wind: This is a raid-wide AoE, but it reduces everyone’s health down to very low levels. Healers, be prepared to heal everyone after this. Hell Wind will usually come just prior to a Brand of the Fallen or Punishing Ray.

The stacking of various attacks in this third phase is what usually kills a raid party, but if you pay attention, you can get through it all.

Third Mob Pulls

You’ll have some sort of a mini-boss here, complete with boss-like arena cutoff. The Headstone stands in your way, on the center of three platforms. One alliance should take the center platform, while the other two move to either side. The main tank should take the boss and face it north, away from the rest of the raid, as it has a frontal AoE.

A Void Fire will spawn on the East and West platforms. Each of the other alliances should already be there to kill their Void Fire. When a Void Fire dies, it’ll summon a Parthenope. The tank should pick these up and kill them as well. When the Headstone casts Flaring Epigraph, three spots will appear around the platforms. A raid member should stand in each one to create a shield on the main platform that the entire raid party can stand inside of to avoid dying.


Third Boss – Ozma

Oh, we’re getting weird now? Ozma is a giant faceless orb that you’ll fight on a floating platform. You can fall off the platform and if you do, you’ll die. Sorry. No facerolling here. Each alliance should occupy one of the rectangular sections of the platform.

Phase One – The Sphere

The boss is a simple sphere. It’ll take increased damage while it’s in this phase, so this is when you should use cooldowns to maximize damage.

Singularity Fragment: Three raid members will be marked with sizable black-purple AoEs. They should each move to the center of one of the arcing walkways on the platform. Once dropped, this will create proximity markers on the ground that you should avoid. A Singularity Fragment add will drop onto the platform at these locations and if they’re too close together, they’ll explode. Tanks should grab each add and kill them as soon as possible.
Meteor: A stack marker on one member of one alliance. This is part of why you need to split alliances, as it’ll apply a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff and you don’t want to get hit with this more than once.

Phase Two – The Pyramid

First up, Ozma will cast a long line AoE on the rectangle parts of the platform when it transitions to this phase. Move off these sections to avoid damage and then move back. The boss will also occasionally hit raid members with a Bleeding debuff that can pass to another raid member if they’re too close, so everyone should be slightly spread out. Healers, be ready to handle the Bleeding debuffs.

Acceleration Bomb: Some players will be marked with a swirling marker. When this shifts to a blue square, stop moving. It’ll turn into a red square and then the debuff will disappear. If you are moving when the debuff disappears, you’ll take a ton of damage.

Phase Three – The Cube

When Ozma transitions to this form, it’ll cast an AoE in the entire circle section of the platform. You’ll want to stand to the inside or outside of the rectangle sections to avoid damage. Once that’s done, the boss will start hitting the tanks with long line AoEs. The tanks should stand off to one side of the rectangle platforms to avoid hitting the rest of the raid. The rest of the alliance should stand on the inner side of the rectangle sections, in the corner opposite from the tank.

Ozmasphere: The boss will summon several orbs that will rotate around the circular section in a clockwise pattern. Tanks need to soak these orbs. Healers, take note — the tanks will take massive damage from these, in addition to the boss’ consistent auto-attacks. Big heals!
Holy: The boss will cast this raid-wide AoE that will deal damage and knockback. This is why the rest of the raid is sitting on the inside of the rectangle platforms.

Phase Four – The Ozmashade

This is a split alliance phase. The boss will cast Doomsday, which acts as your enrage timer. If it finishes, it’s a wipe.

Black Hole: The boss will suck everyone into and transport them to three different sections, depending on your alliance.
Singularity Echo: Each alliance has its own Singularity Echo to contend with. The trick is the button to make each Singularity Echo vulnerable is on one of the other platforms. Have one raid member from each alliance stand on their respective button. Then kill the Atomos and the Singularity Ripple adds that appear. The buttons will stop glowing when the Echo is dead; do not leave the buttons until all three are down. Then you can jump down and beat up the Ozmashade.
Assimilation: The Ozmashade will cast this raid-wide AoE with a Gaze mechanic. Turn away to avoid the debuff. If you get hit, turn away to make it fall off. Facing the boss with the debuff will increase it, eventually trapping you in a Singularity Gaol that the rest of the raid has to attack to free you. The phase has an enrage timer, so doing this is a DPS loss.

The boss will also target players in a similar fashion to Singularity Fragment, but without the additional adds. Marked players need to drag these to the arena edges to minimize meteor damage.

With Phase Four, you’ve seen everything the boss has to offer. What happens here is a confluence of everything you’ve seen before. There will be a lot of incoming raid damage and everyone needs to pay attention to prevent a wipe.

FFXIV Calofisteri

Final Boss – Calofisteri

Omza was really the high barrier to clear in this raid. Calofisteri is pretty simple by comparison. This fight takes place in a circular arena with no real hazard zones.

Phase One

Haircut: The boss will morph her hair into a huge blade on the right or left side. Then it’ll cleave that entire side with a massive AoE. When you see the big hair blade, move to the opposite side. If you don’t, it does big damage and gives you a strong Bleeding debuff.
Extension: This will create small purple AoE traps on the arena. Avoid these tiny proximity mines. Don’t even get close! If it’s activated, it’ll pull in everyone nearby. If you are sucked in, you’ll be inside an Entanglement which will kill anyone inside once its Garrote cast finishes. This has to be destroyed by the rest of the raid party. It’s better to never activate the trap in the first place!

Phase Two – Recharge

The boss will become invincible, summoning Bijou and Grand Bijou adds around the arena. These adds will begin to cast Recharge. Every cast that finishes will increase the boss’ damage, so take them down quickly.

Fient Particle Beam: Random raid members will get markers that signal a series of subsequent small AoE blasts. Run away from the rest of the raid party. If you are marked, resolve this by going to the outside edge and then moving clockwise around the arena.
Dancing Mad: This marks the end of this phase, dealing raid-wide damage based on the number of Recharge casts that were finished. Too many and it’s a wipe.

Phase Three

This is an enhanced version of Phase One. The biggest change here is Extension gets two new forms.

Extension: This will summon multiple hair extensions around the arena, called Living Locks. Axe extensions will cast a sizable donut AoE; stand near the extension to avoid damage. Bulb extensions will smash down in a point-blank AoE. Vine extensions do long line AoEs across the platform in the direction they’re facing. Getting hit by any of these will debuff you with Vulnerability Up. This is bad. If she only summons two extensions, it’s the 1.0 version of the attack.
Penetration: Okay, there is one mechanic that’s slightly hard. When the boss begins to cast this, she’ll move to the center of the arena. Once the cast is done, you’ll be affected depending on which way you’re facing. Facing toward the boss will pull you in, facing away is a knockback outward. Position yourself to get pushed away into a safe zone.
Depth Charge: The boss will start casting this and face toward a random player. When the cast is done, she’ll charge forward in a straight line. Avoid the area that she charges along, but also be cognizant of Haircut, which happens during this!

And with that, you’ve finished the second raid in the Shadow of Mhach storyline! The Nullstone is yours. Turn your gaze ahead to the final leg of this journey, Dun Scaith.

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Author: Deann Hawkins