Things That Make No Sense About Lorelai’s Home

Things That Make No Sense About Lorelai's Home

For seven seasons, Gilmore Girls fans have gotten to know the ins and outs of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s home. The women have spent many movie nights in that living room, late-night conversations in their bedrooms, and plenty of cups of coffee shared in the kitchen. But the more fans rewatch the series, the more they question the Gilmore homestead.

From the sheer size of the home to the number of bedrooms on the second floor, Lorelai and Rory’s home isn’t a typical house with an easy layout to follow. It’s more of a funhouse when viewers point out all of its oddities.

Updated on June 22, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Lorelai and Rory’s house on Gilmore Girls was filled with special moments between the two women. It was the home that solidified Lorelai in Stars Hollow and allowed Rory to have a safe and happy upbringing. At the same time, the Gilmore house inside was an odd one when fans took the time to notice. As an example, the Gilmore Girls kitchen was cozy and homey, but why was it attached to Rory’s bedroom? And why was Lorelai’s bedroom the only one on the second floor? The Gilmore girls’ house simply made no sense. 


Why Does A House Of That Size Only Have Two Bedrooms?

Rorys bedroom - gilmore girls

The Gilmore house is pretty sizable on the outside, so why does it only have two bedrooms? By looking at the front of the house, it looks like there’s plenty of room upstairs for more than one bedroom and a bathroom.

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A second bedroom could have easily been added to the upstairs layout. As for Rory’s bedroom, well, that’s an entirely different issue…

Why On Earth Was Rory’s Bedroom Attached To The Kitchen?

Emily looking at rorys bedroom - gilmore girls

With an upstairs that’s large enough to fit two bedrooms, why was Rory’s bedroom downstairs, attached to the kitchen? Rory’s bedroom could have been a dining room originally that the women transformed into a bedroom for some privacy.

But it was still strange to have a bedroom that was attached to the kitchen. The Gilmore girls were so incredibly close that it also seems strange that they didn’t sleep in closer rooms. Regardless of their bedroom placements, Lorelai and Rory had some amazing moments in the series.

How Was Lorelai Able To Afford A Home Of That Size In Connecticut?

gilmore girl house

Lorelai bought her house in 1995 after working at the Independence Inn since she was a teenager. It’s assumed that she had a trust fund from her grandmother, which kicked in when she was 25 (like Rory). Without a trust fund, it seems far-fetched that Lorelai was able to afford the down payment of a house this size in Connecticut.

Homes in New England, according to a thread on Reddit, can become quite expensive, and for a single mother who wasn’t getting child support from Christopher, it seemed unlikely that she was able to buy such a home. Luckily for the Gilmore girls, the town of Stars Hollow had likable characters that took care of Lorelai and Rory despite their living situations.

Why Was There A Need To Expand?

rory and lorelai in lorealis bedroom - gilmore girls

When Lorelai and Luke got engaged, they decided to remain in Lorelai’s home because she was so attached to it. To start fresh, Luke did some renovations to expand and update it. He showed off his wealth and knowledge of construction by doing the work, but was there really a need to expand in the first place?

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After all the work that Luke and his team did, Lorelai’s home went from a two-bedroom to a… two-bedroom. It seemed nonsensical to spend that amount of money when all they did was make Lorelai’s bedroom bigger.

Where Is The Downstairs Bathroom Again?

Lorelais living room - gilmore girls

It’s been said that Lorelai’s home is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. But fans on Reddit couldn’t help but question the home’s bathrooms.

If there’s a bathroom in Lorelai’s and Rory’s bedroom, does this mean any time a guest needs to use the restroom, they have to go through one of their bedrooms? Likewise, when Paris showed up at Rory’s to get ready for her date with Tristan, she used the bathroom in the hallway. In later episodes where Rory’s bedroom is shown more, there’s no door to enter the original bathroom… So, where are the bathrooms?

How Does The Kitchen Door Lead To The Front Yard?

Split images of Lorelai's kitchen and porch on Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory spent a ton of time in the kitchen sipping coffee and snacking on food. Close friends like Lane, Dean, and Luke tend to enter their home from the kitchen because it’s not so formal.

The odd thing about the kitchen door is that it should open to the back of the Gilmore porch. But when the camera followed the characters onto the porch, they were magically in front of the house. Why was the side of the house never shown if it led to the kitchen’s popular entrance? The secrecy of the side door is an argument every Gilmore Girls fan has been in.

What’s Up With The Laundry Machines?

Split images of Lorelai talking to Rory about laundry on Gilmore Girls

The topic of laundry has been brought up numerous times in some of the best episodes of Gilmore Girls. Lorelai ran out of clean clothes on Rory’s first day at Chilton, and then there was the time Rory came home from Yale specifically to do laundry. But after years of watching these women in their house, fans had never seen them physically do laundry at home.

Where were the washer and dryer, anyway? It’s said that the washer and dryer were on the porch but how did the machines run in the Connecticut winter? Not to mention viewers had never seen them there.

Where Was Lorelai’s House?

stars hollow map - gilmore girls

Stars Hollow made as much sense as Lorelai’s house. The town square was at the center of it all, the high school was right across the street from the town square, as is Luke’s Diner.

Lorelai and Rory typically walked from their home to Luke’s for coffee because it was just a 10-or-so-minute walk away. The odd thing is that whenever Lorelai and Rory’s house was shown, it seemed to be tucked away in the woods. Babette was right next door and they had a new neighbor who begged Lorelai to water his lawn. Considering their home was in the woods, it’s hard to pinpoint where it was located in town.

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