Thor’s New Power Could Corrupt Him Into His Darkest Form

Thor's New Power Could Corrupt Him Into His Darkest Form

Thor has inherited the Odinforce, but previous experiences prove that absolute power will make even the God of Thunder a terrible ruler.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Thor #22

After Odin is killed by Mjölnir, his son Thor is inheriting the Odinforce and his father’s responsibilities, but readers may not be aware that this has already happened in the past—and things did not turn out well.

In the most recent issues of Thor, the God of Thunder has been dealing with the rise of the God of Hammers, an enemy that, according to prophecy, would lay waste to the Ten Kingdoms and kill the King of Asgard. It was revealed that this mysterious foe was none other than Thor’s (formerly) trusted weapon, Mjölnir, whose spirit took form after joining with the essence of the Mangog, one of Asgard’s most powerful enemies. Mjölnir’s many powers derived from the God Tempest, a primordial foe that Odin defeated and trapped inside a chunk of Uru metal. After Jane Foster used Mjölnir to throw the Mangog (together with all of Asgard) into the Sun, the hammer was destroyed and the essence of the God Tempest, long presumed dead, was freed. When Mjölnir was later reforged, at the height of the War of the Realms, the God Tempest returned, but after being tainted with what was left of the Mangog spirit she became a creature of wrath and destruction, taking control of Mjölnir and using his great power to destroy the Realms.


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The God of Hammers represents nothing more but Odin’s past sins, coming back to haunt the old god and his descendants. It was Odin who decided to trap the God Tempest, and then left it locked inside Mjölnir for eons when he was unable to harness her power. The one-eyed god, in fact, rarely demonstrated the wisdom of an All-Father in the millennia he has lived. Too often he was arrogant, conceited, self-righteous, and there is a very good chance that Thor will turn out the same, now that he has inherited the full power of the Odinforce after his father’s death. In fact, the precedents are not in favor of the God of Thunder.

Thor holding his hammer in The Mighty Thor The Reigning

When Odin died in battle with the fire demon Surtur, Thor became the King of Asgard and obtained his father’s legendary power, the Odinforce, which made him almost omnipotent. This, however, unsettled the balance that Thor always kept between being a god and being close to the mortals’ struggle. During The Reigning, Thor moved Asgard to Earth to “inspire” humankind, and when that didn’t work he simply conquered Earth, after killing all of his former superhero friends. Centuries in the future, Earth was apparently a paradise under Asgardian rule, but in truth humanity was deprived of freedom and considered inferior by the gods. Before erasing that entire timeline, Thor admitted that he had lost sight of his human side, and there is a good chance that this is going to happen again.

Thor has been struggling since becoming (again) the All-Father at the end of the War of the Realms. He was always a warrior, good for smashing evil with a hammer, but not for being a ruler. He was a bad king the first time, having to erase a whole timeline to undo his mistakes, just as Odin once erased an entire race for some offense against the gods. King Thor misunderstood the relationship between gods and mortals because he became too powerful, and acquiring the Odinforce once again will put him in the exact same spot. Only time will tell if Thor has learned from his mistakes, or if he is condemned to repeat them, just like his father Odin did.

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