Three Unused Weapon Combinations I’d Like to See in Destiny 2

Three Unused Weapon Combinations I'd Like to See in Destiny 2

For the most part, weapons in Destiny 2 fit into both a type (e.g. auto rifle, sidearm, etc.) and an ammo currency (primary, special, or heavy). But some weapons get a little silly with it. The Halo-inspired Forerunner is a sidearm that uses special ammo, while One Thousand Voices is a Power weapon version of the fusion rifle. That got me thinking — what are some Destiny 2 weapon combinations Bungie hasn’t implemented that might be cool future Exotics? Here are three I’d like to see.

1. Power Trace Rifle

I’m picturing just a gigantic laser cannon that fires something akin to what Chaos Reach used to look like — a blinding beam of light that’s almost an inconvenience to the person firing it. The main gimmick with Trace Rifles is keeping the beam on an enemy for sustained damage, but I’m thinking an Exotic Power version of this kind of weapon could play with that a little. Maybe a Trace Rifle that used Heavy Ammo could have a heat management quirk, where you could feed it your grenade, melee, or class energy to keep it firing for longer.

2. Special Bow

We’ve got primary ammo bows, of course, and we’ve got a Power bow in the form of Leviathan’s Breath. Why no special ammo bow? There are a few ways I could see this going. One would be a bow that could switch between different types of arrows, essentially letting you select your perks on the fly. Think something like Hard Light, only instead of switching damage type, you could cycle between things like Explosive Head, Incandescent, and Vorpal Weapon. Or, you could just go full sicko mode and make some kind of repeating crossbow that rapid-fires arrows

3. Power Sidearm

Now we’re talking. I want a full-on Noisy Cricket-style sidearm that fires mini-rockets and launches you backwards so hard you get killed by the architects every time you fire it. But seriously, a short-range, burst-damage weapon like this could be really interesting. And if Bungie did somehow incorporate major recoil into it, speedrunners would definitely find a way to use it to launch themselves across the map, and anything that gives them more tools to do that with is a win in my book.

What are some Destiny 2 weapon combinations you’d like to see? A heavy hand cannon, maybe? A special auto rifle? Let me know in the comments.

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Author: Deann Hawkins