Tom Holland Downloaded A VPN In Spain To Watch Latest Euphoria Episode

Tom Holland Downloaded A VPN In Spain To Watch Latest Euphoria Episode

While in Spain promoting his new film, Tom Holland says he downloaded a VPN in an attempt to watch Zendaya in the latest episode of HBO’s Euphoria.

Despite being in Spain, Tom Holland was determined not miss the latest episode of HBO’s Euphoria and even downloaded a VPN to watch it. Holland was in Spain to promote his latest film, Uncharted, which is set to release on February 18, 2022. While the release of his new film approaches, the second season of HBO’s Euphoria is also underway, and stars Holland’s partner, Zendaya. Euphoria follows Rue Bennett (Zendaya) a troubled teenager fresh out of rehab who continues to struggle with her drug addiction.

Season 2 of Euphoria hit HBO on January 9, 2022 and is building up momentum with each episode. The show doesn’t pull punches when it comes to real-life issues such as drug addiction, abuse, and mental health. The raw depiction of these serious subjects has drastically raised the intensity of Euphoria’s second season, making it difficult for viewers to look away. Euphoria season 2, episode 5 was possibly the most emotionally intense episode of the season and included a truly stunning and raw performance from Zendaya as she depicted Rue’s breakdown. Thus, it is no wonder that Holland was quite desperate to tune in to the episode.


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In an interview with Andrea Comptonn, Holland revealed that he downloaded a VPN in an attempt to watch Euphoria while in Spain. When asked if he had tuned into the latest episode of Euphoria, Holland admitted that he had technical difficulties. His TV was not working while he was in Spain, leading him to download a VPN to watch the show. Unfortunately, the VPN didn’t work either so Holland was unable to watch Euphoria in Spain, but his effort is what ultimately counts. Check out the video (via Dani on Twitter) below:

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While Euphoria season 2 is difficult to look away from, Holland has the added motive of watching his girlfriend, Zendaya, in the series. Ever since the two have been friends and co-stars, Holland has been very vocal of his support for Zendaya. Whether it is praising Zendaya for fashion awards or gushing over her Dune red carpet appearance, Holland is never afraid to show his support and enthusiasm for Zendaya’s career. Watching her star in Euphoria as Rue Bennett, a performance that has garnered her a Primetime Emmy Award, has likely become routine for Holland to show his support. While he wasn’t able to keep up with the series in Spain, it isn’t likely Zendaya will hold it against him when she hears of his efforts.

What makes Holland’s efforts even sweeter is that this isn’t the first time he has shown enthusiasm for Euphoria. Holland admitted to visiting Zendaya dozens of times on set while she was filming Euphoria and may have even appeared in some BTS photos. His support of the show and Zendaya has extended to Holland wanting a cameo in Euphoria. In fact, it is a desire that Holland has purportedly held for awhile and one that Zendaya has promised to help with. Perhaps, Holland’s desperate downloading of VPNs in Spain will demonstrate his intense loyalty to the series and nab him that cameo appearance that he longs for. Regardless of whether Holland is featured in Euphoria or how he reacted to the emotional bombshell of episode 5, it is heartwarming to see that not even distance can stop him from wholeheartedly supporting his partner.

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Source: Andrea Comptonn (via Dani)

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