Top 10 Hulkling and Wiccan Comics

Top 10 Hulkling and Wiccan Comics

With Billy Maximoff already in the MCU and Teddy Altman rumored to be joining in Secret Invasion, it’s about time that MCU fans become familiar with two of the top up-and-coming heroes in Marvel Comics: Hulkling and Wiccan.

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With Hulkling a star player at the head of the Kree-Skrull Alliance and Wiccan his Court Wizard and Prince Consort, it’s likely that the two will be playing a big role in the coming years. Especially given the heavy role they’ve already been playing in the comics.

10 Young Avengers Volume 1 #1

The Young Avengers react to a gunshot.

The Young Avengers were a team of young misfits who barely understood their powers and, for some members, didn’t have them at all. In their introductory issue, the team shows itself to the world, and fans first had the opportunity to see the relationship between Hulkling and Wiccan (or, as he was then known, Asgardian).

A fantastic comic to start reading the Young Avengers, any comic fan should pick up the first issue to start to get a handle on the characters. It’s a great way to start to understand their personalities, powers, and just how close they are, even before the reveal that the two are dating.

9 Young Avengers Volume 1 #12

After discovering that Hulkling is secretly Kree-Skrull royalty, the Young Avengers are attacked by the alien armies. Given that they’re some of the most dangerous alien species in Marvel Comics, Hulkling proposes that he give himself up and surrender to the invaders. However, after a tragic goodbye, Hulkling reveals that it was really a clever scheme to send the Super-Skrull in his place.

This issue showcases just how intelligent Hulkling really is, but it also reveals aspects of his origin that become essential in later issues. The way he navigates the complex political situation between the Kree and Skrulls, while also balancing his love for his friends and his boyfriend, proves just how capable Hulkling is. Wiccan also proves his faith in Hulkling by refusing to stop him from giving himself up. It just goes to show their trust in each other — something that will later be essential.


8 Avengers Children’s Crusade #9

Avengers Children's Crusade, as the team mourns their lost members

Having lost two of their friends in the fight to prove the Scarlet Witch’s innocence after the mutant Decimation, Wiccan manages to ensure Wanda’s safety when the X-Men come to get their revenge. But, in the aftermath, the Young Avengers slip into temporary retirement. Still, it isn’t all bad. In the final pages, Hulkling proposes and the two finally get engaged.

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While it’s a tragic issue, it really shows off the close bond between Wiccan and Hulkling. With Wiccan severely depressed, Hulkling comforts him and proves just how well he knows his boyfriend. They also prove the depth of their heroism by slipping into action just moments after the proposal. The final few pages make a truly bittersweet ending..

7 Young Avengers Volume 2 #13

Hulkling and Wiccan standing together

Tricked by Loki, Wiccan spent half of the second volume convinced that Hulkling was a puppet made by his own magic. But finally in the 13th issue, Wiccan realized his mistake when Hulkling came to reassure him. He managed to destroy an interdimensional parasite and return the world to what it was.

It’s a testament to Wiccan’s strength, and how he can do anything as long as he’s confident enough. With the world in the palm of his hands, it goes to show just how powerful a character he is — and what he can do to the MCU should Billy Maximoff reach the same level as his comic counterpart.

6 New Avengers Volume 4 #3

Hulkling becoming Emperor of the Kree and Skrull

After having refused the call to his destiny before, Hulkling is shocked by the arrival of a team of Kree-Skrull hybrids that kidnap the two fiances and drag them into space. Yet, after claiming the sword Excelsior, he proved that he was destined to bring the Kree and Skrull together and end the Kree-Skrull War forever.

But it isn’t all action, of course. The issue also tightens the bond between the pair. As soon as Hulkling is teleported away by the hybrids, Wiccan puts himself in a life-or-death situation by using his magic to teleport beside his fiance. It proves the depth of their love for each other, and just how much the two dislike being apart — whether it be in a dangerous situation or in general.

5 New Avengers Volume 4 #6

Hulkling and Future Hulkling reacting to a possessed Wiccan

After Wiccan’s mind is taken over by a(nother) multiversal parasite, New Avengers takes a turn into the fantastical by introducing a future version of Hulkling with the sole intention of killing Wiccan before the parasite can strengthen. Hulkling is shocked but stays by his fiance until Wiccan can drive it out of his own mind.

While the issue is dedicated to showing the love between Billy and Teddy, it also shows that the two are some of the most powerful members of the Young Avengers. Wiccan manages to drive the equivalent of a god out of his mind, while the older Teddy proves that he has the power to kill the Demiurge — if he strikes quickly enough. Even all that aside, it’s a fantastic issue and both fiances are at their absolute best.

4 Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling

Hulkling and Wiccan reuniting

After refusing to join the Kree and Skrulls previously, Hulkling finally agrees to become the Emperor of the Alliance. He and Wiccan grapple with the new role together, and Hulkling is eventually forced to denounce his husband entirely.

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It’s a genuinely tragic issue, even if Billy and Teddy reveal that they weren’t going to be kept apart for long. It shows how their bond outlasts even the strength of an entire empire trying to drive them apart. It also helps to show their faith in each other. Even when Hulkling was sending him away, Wiccan knew it was a lie. It’s that trust that makes fans appreciate the characters so much.

3 Empyre: Aftermath Avengers

Empyre Aftermath Avengers at Wiccan and Hulking's wedding

After a shotgun wedding during the Empyre event, Wiccan and Hulkling are finally treated to the wedding of their dreams once the fighting ends. With their friends at their side and the entire Avengers roster coming to observe the festivities, they proved they have the potential to be one of the best couples in the MCU.

Of course, there is more to the issue than just a wedding. Teddy argues with his murderous grandmother, while the spouses also have to navigate the particulars of Kree-Skrull tradition. It’s a complicated path they’re forced to walk, but this issue alone proves that they’re more than ready to handle it. At least until the final pages, that is.

2 The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling

Hulkling and Wiccan meeting

Fans spent nearly two decades wondering how Wiccan and Hulkling really met, and The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling shows it off with abandon. Following a split storyline showcasing their individual fights with fantastic monsters and a more personal story showing their first meeting, the issue is the best way to get fans to fall in love with these two space spouses.

Between giant sandwiches and the misfits-finding-love story that’s as old as time, it’s a genuinely touching issue that hits every beat that fans love about Billy and Teddy. Their personalities, fighting skills, intelligence, and bond are all on display throughout the issue. Plus, it was nice to get the chance to see their first kiss.

1 King in Black: Hulkling and Wiccan

After symbiotes took over the galaxy, Hulkling and Wiccan found themselves in the midst of an invasion, while on their honeymoon. Desperate to save civilians, they fought to ensure that they could protect people and beat the symbiotes away.

It’s a fun one-shot issue that showcases their shared sense of humor and has a fun subplot where the two try to secure some alone time. It also touches on the exhaustion that comes from being the shared kings of space and how tiring it can be to manage so many guards and advisors. It’s a nice look into their lives now. If fans want a single issue to really understand the characters, “King in Black: Hulkling and Wiccan” is it.

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