Uchikoshi Says Sigma Zero Escape Likes Boys and Packs Big Meat Because I Said So

Uchikoshi Says Sigma Zero Escape Likes Boys and Packs Big Meat Because I Said So

Most of the time when a character’s possible queer identity is shrouded in mystery, companies will take advantage of that as an opportunity to queerbait. Look at Poe and Finn from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, where actor Oscar Isaac was clearly pissed after years of him and fans asking for the two men to get together, Poe was given a female love interest in Rise of Skywalker. But Zero Escape and Ai: The Somnium Files Director Kotaro Uchikoshi has another plan in mind. He doesn’t want to confirm characters’ identities, not because he wants to bait queer folks into thinking they’re getting representation, but because he wants to be respectful to those of us with headcanons that his characters might be queer. So with that said, Sigma Klim from the Zero Escape series likes boys, because I have imagined this to be the case.

Uchikoshi Says Sigma Zero Escape Likes Boys and Packs Big Meat Because I Said SoUchikoshi spoke about this approach on his personal Twitter, which came as a response to fans asking about the gender identity of characters in Ai: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative. He says he doesn’t want to confirm anything outside of the text of the game, as fans can get really attached to their own interpretations. And honestly, I appreciate the forwardness and desire to let fans enjoy characters on their own terms.

All this being said, I will now perceive Sigma, the protagonist of Virtue’s Last Reward, as a bisexual man. I have been given express permission to do so by the creator. Yeah, he may get with Diana in Zero Time Dilemma, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also like men. So I choose to believe this.

Uchikoshi also followed the initial tweet up saying he wouldn’t confirm if characters were a top or bottom, nor would he confirm the length of anyone’s “baguette.” This means I can also choose to envision Sigma is a dominant top that likes to be choked and is packing a huge monster cock, and it is true. Hell, Uchikoshi even said Sigma is packing nine inches once. So we’re all on the same page.

And also about top or bottom…! And length of baguette…!????

— Kotaro Uchikoshi Eng (@Uchikoshi_Eng) July 14, 2022

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Prior to this, Uchikoshi has shown vocal support for the queer community, both in his games and out. Ai: The Somnium Files had a scene where a character expressed their respect for LGBTQIA+ people, then the developer doubled down on it in the sequel. Last year, he even let fans crowdsource the sexuality of fan-favorite character Snake from the Zero Escape series. I may not like the Zero Escape series that much (I’m a fan of its moments, but its bigger picture is needlessly convoluted, in my opinion), but now? I like it a little bit more.

Author: Deann Hawkins