Upcoming Phase 4 MCU Movies & Shows Daredevil Could Appear In

Upcoming Phase 4 MCU Movies & Shows Daredevil Could Appear In

Warning! SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Daredevil is officially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after Spider-Man: No Way Home with Daredevil season 4 confirmed as a coming Disney+ attraction, and there are multiple other Phase 4 movies and shows he could return in. Rumors swirled for nearly a year that Charlie Cox was set to play Matt Murdock again years after Daredevil’s cancelation from Netflix. He starred in the Netflix live-action Marvel series for three seasons of Daredevil and returned in The Defenders. While there is no confirmation Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Daredevil appearance makes those shows MCU canon, it does set up the character for an exciting Phase 4 future. In fact, after Spider-Man: No Way Home settled the debate on whether or not Daredevil will ever be in the MCU, Disney’s in-production Daredevil series means that his MCU return could happen not just through a crossover, but in the character’s own flagship MCU property.


Audiences began speculating about Daredevil’s MCU return in Spider-Man: No Way Home almost immediately after Spider-Man: Far From Home. Mysterio revealing Spider-Man’s identity meant Peter Parker’s life would change and could face legal trouble. The trilogy capper confirmed just how difficult Mysterio made life for Peter and those associated with him, and it was advised that he’d need a good lawyer. Enter Charlie Cox, who returns as Matt Murdock for a cameo. The brief appearance didn’t put Daredevil in action, but the teases of Matt Murdock already being Daredevil in the MCU are clear. The blind lawyer catching a brick thrown through the window indicates that he’s much more than just a good lawyer.

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The decision to bring Charlie Cox back as Daredevil for this short Spider-Man: No Way Home scene and the fantastic news about Daredevil season 4 indicates that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has a promising future in the MCU. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm exactly what those plans entail outside of Daredevil’s own platform, but there are over two dozen upcoming MCU movies and shows in development. Moreover, considering new developments, the wait for Matt Murdock’s MCU return might not even be that long.

The MCU Daredevil Season 4 Reboot Is Officially Happening

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and Daredevil

Daredevil’s original show is officially being rebooted by Disney+, confirming Daredevil’s MCU return, although it’s unclear if the other characters from the Netflix series will also be returning. It’s also uncertain if Daredevil’s first post-No Way Home appearance will happen through the new show or via any of the other upcoming MCU Phase 4 series and movies, as Marvel hasn’t announced the release date for Daredevil season 4 yet. Although details about the upcoming series are sparse, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin could return as well, especially after Kingpin’s celebrated MCU introduction in Hawkeye. Furthermore, Marvel has tapped Matt Corman and Chris Ord to write and produce the new Daredevil series. The pair is best known for creating the spy show Covert Affairs and working on the action-thrillers such as The Brave and The Enemy Within.


Daredevil’s MCU return could happen next year in She-Hulk. There have been rumors and teases for a while now that Charlie Cox will return as Matt Murdock in the Disney+ series. It makes sense considering that Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is a talented lawyer in her own right, so having her and Matt cross paths is quite natural. Daredevil’s She-Hulk role should be much bigger than what Spider-Man: No Way Home offers, as they could be rivals in court or superhero comrades. This might be the MCU property that puts Matt back in a superhero suit. It is unknown, though, if this would be done using any of the suits from Daredevil or a fresh look closer to one of the Man Without Fear’s comic costumes.


Hawkeye Echo Kingpin Comic Connection MCU SR

Disney+ could also bring Daredevil back in the Hawkeye spinoff show, Echo. Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez is heavily tied to Daredevil in the comics, as he is the one originally framed for the death of her father. Hawkeye already changed this part of Echo’s origin, as Ronin was responsible for killing Maya’s dad, but her connection to Daredevil can still happen. It is widely believed that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will be in Echo following his MCU return in Hawkeye, so the Disney+ show could become a Daredevil reunion for D’Onofrio and Cox – a much-awaited encounter ever since the Netflix show was canceled. Since Spider-Man: No Way Home teased that Matt is already Daredevil, he could already have encountered Kingpin, even if the Netflix show isn’t MCU canon. If Echo follows Maya after she learns Kingpin was involved with her father’s death, a team-up with Daredevil could help level the playing field.

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Spider-Man 4

Avengers Spider-Man Marvel Comics Daredevil

Now that aliens and multiversal threats might be in Spider-Man’s past, scanning the New York streets for crime means he and Daredevil could meet up in the MCU’s Spider-Man 4. Daredevil doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man anymore, like the rest of the world, but Matt Murdock’s Spider-Man: No Way Home appearance could set up a future team-up. With Spider-Man starting a new life for himself, he could seek out Matt in an attempt to discover his Daredevil secret. The two could also happen to cross paths as they track down the same threat. This might even lead to Spider-Man and Daredevil teaming up to take on Kingpin, which would bring their recurring comic book team-ups to the MCU.

Shang-Chi 2

There is also a chance that Shang-Chi 2 could include Daredevil. While the sequel has been the subject of speculation concerning Iron Fist’s possible MCU return, the movie’s story could also find room for Matt Murdock. The best explanation for Daredevil’s MCU return in Shang-Chi 2 could be tied to the Ten Rings. Theories suggest Xialing could transform the group into the MCU’s version of The Hand and even include Elektra as a member or introduce The Chaste. The Hand, The Chaste, and Elektra all have heavy ties to Daredevil in the comics. While Matt is not the martial arts expert Shang-Chi is, the two could possibly team up in Simu Liu’s sequel to take on the Ten Rings/The Hand.

Black Widow 2

Florence Pugh as Yelena in Black Widow

It is also possible that Daredevil’s MCU future could be tied to Black Widow 2. In the comics, Daredevil and Black Widow have an incredibly close relationship, as Matt Murdock and Natasha Romanoff fought crime together and started a romantic relationship. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow might not be around in the MCU anymore, but Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) is positioned to take the mantle at some point. Since Marvel never got the chance to bring Daredevil and Black Widow’s romance to life like the comics, the MCU could put its own twist on the relationship and make Matt and Yelena romantically involved. Even if the MCU doesn’t want to explore Matt and Yelena on a romantic level, he could cross paths with her during a mission to at least acknowledge Daredevil and Black Widow’s comic connection.

Avengers 5

There is also a possibility that Daredevil will return after Spider-Man: No Way Home in the next Avengers movie. Matt Murdock became a member of the New Avengers in the comics under Luke Cage’s leadership. With Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, Captain America, and others positioned to be members of the team moving forward, the MCU’s Avengers superhero lineup is already taking shape early on in Phase 4. Daredevil could be one of the new recruits in a few years whenever Avengers 5 happens. With the MCU’s heroes only becoming more powerful and superhuman, Daredevil’s addition to the Avengers could give them someone a bit more grounded, allowing him to fill a similar role as Hawkeye or Black Widow as a highly-skilled fighter who isn’t invincible.

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A Potential Midnight Sons/Marvel Knights Team-Up

Daredevil should lead the Midnight Sons not blade

Daredevil season 4’s confirmation by Disney+ could also set up the MCU introduction of Midnight Sons or Marvel Knights, the Marvel comics team-up that, apart from Matt Murdock, includes Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Punisher, and Doctor Strange. Although Marvel hasn’t yet reacted to the rumors of a possible Midnight Sons series or movie, recent developments in Phase 4 of the MCU suggest that it might already be in the works. Indeed, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ post-credits scene confirms the MCU return of the primordial cosmic conqueror known as Dormammu, it’s likely that Doctor Strange will soon be facing demons such as Zarathos and Lilith, the Mother of Demons, which in the comics prompted Strange to form the Order of the Midnight Sons. In an interview, Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac has pointed out that with the upcoming Blade movie, Daredevil season 4, and the rumored MCU appearance of Ghost Rider, there’s a real possibility that the Midnight Sons or Marvel Knights could soon be part of the MCU.

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