URAGUN Preview: A Fast-Paced, Top-Down Shooter

URAGUN Preview: A Fast-Paced, Top-Down Shooter

Uragun isn’t a ground-breaking addition to sci-fi shooters, but it polishes enough mechanics and features to be extremely enjoyable all the same.

Uragun is a top-down shooter that takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where AI creations run rampant and destroy anything in their path. Uragun is the latest project developed and published by Kool2Play, a gaming company also developing two upcoming titles called Project X and Project Y. Screen Rant’s hands-on gametime with Uragun’s early-access PC build proves Kool2Play values fluid combat, addicting gameplay, and balanced story amidst a beautiful world. Kool2Play confirmed that Uragun would receive additional content for many months despite Early Access only having just begun in April 2022.


When Uragun begins, players take control of a Mech unit seeking to reunite with its pilot in a hostile world, similar to a reverse Titanfall story campaign. As players progress through the levels, they collect currency, weapons, and earn credits depending on their efficiency. Waves of AI enemies become increasingly complex, forcing Mech to adopt new strategies in each level to continue its search. As Mech’s arsenal increases, players must learn how to best defeat certain foes and confront swarms of deadly robots. Unfortunately, the complete story isn’t available in Early Access, so players cannot experience Mech’s entire journey until Kool2Play updates the project at an undisclosed date.

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In its current state, Uragun features over a dozen unique enemy types with different weak points and attack patterns, a boss fight, 25 missions across three locations, five weapons with 3-4 unique modifications and combinations each, and four special abilities. Mech also features a boost, self-repair, and overdrive function that players can use to escape dangerous situations. However, these abilities feature a cooldown to prevent spam and must be used carefully, especially when hordes of angry AI are advancing. Hiding isn’t an option for Mech in combat, and players must adopt a forward-momentum mindset to survive and progress.

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Uragun’s top-down, sci-fi shooter style doesn’t neglect graphical details or level design. While its arcade-inspired format may neglect advanced shooter mechanics, players are equipped with enough tools to get the job done. Since Uragan is a futuristic, sci-fi shooter, Earth becomes just alien enough to justify an AI uprising. Human-constructed architecture melds with advanced technology and a harrowing atmosphere to set the stage for Mech’s battles. With Mech’s unique body shape, players must gauge which entities can be used as cover and which can be detonated for additional AOE damage. Using the environment to one’s advantage is essential to claiming victory.

In Uragun’s first 2.5 hours, it becomes increasingly clear that Mech cannot compare to hostile AI without preparing appropriate loadouts and modifications. Thankfully, players obtain three lives on each level and have plenty of time to learn enemy behaviors and attack patterns. Accompanied by Ola – another AI program uncorrupted by the uprising – the Mech must make their way through to the region’s Control Tower to unlock additional locations. Exploring territories rewards Mech with Units to equip and unlock modifications, vastly increasing the game’s replayability and rewarding thorough players.

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As players venture through destructible, apocalyptic stages, Uragun plays a techno soundtrack that reflects the non-organic nature of its inhabitants. Quick tempos and sharp rhythms match the fast-paced, mechanical combat Mech and Ola endure together and set players on the edge of their seats during tense encounters. Additionally, since players are timed and ranked on their performance at each stage, the fast-paced music helps encourage swift combat and progression.

Though Uragun isn’t a ground-breaking addition to the top-down, sci-fi shooter game genre, it polishes many mechanics and features that fans of the theme enjoy. While some may find the motion controls for Mech a bit confusing and disorienting, the experience itself promises to be a replayable adventure. The overall lack of content is blatantly apparent, though future updates are sure to smooth this over with new enemy types, missions, weapons, and more.

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Kool2Play’s early-access Uragun build is available now on PC. Screen Rant was provided with a PC code for this preview.

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