Vanessa Shocked Christine Said She Didn’t Call Her

Vanessa Shocked Christine Said She Didn’t Call Her

Selling Sunset star Vanessa Villela discusses Christine Quinn’s accusation that she didn’t call her following the bribery drama. Vanessa says she did.

Vanessa Villela may be the only friend Christine Quinn has on Selling Sunset, but she was “shocked” by the claim Christine made that she didn’t call her after the broker’s open. Vanessa joined Selling Sunset in season 4 and returned for season 5. However, fans questioned whether Vanessa had left Selling Sunset because she wasn’t featured heavily in the show. It was revealed later that Vanessa was struck hard with COVID-19 and had so many physical issues it was hard for her to film.

During Selling Sunset season 5, Vanessa’s boyfriend, Nick Hardy, presented her with a ring, but called it a “promise ring.” A few months later, he proposed to her with an actual engagement ring, much to Vanessa’s delight. After season 5 debuted, Christine tweeted that Selling Sunset had fake storylines, which offended Vanessa. She shared that despite Christine’s claims, her engagement to Nick was a very real part of her life.


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Vanessa and Christine’s drama didn’t end there. During Selling Sunset season 5, Christine Quinn was the source of tremendous drama between the other women in The Oppenheim Group. Following Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan’s accusation that Christine had bribed one of her clients, Christine was upset that Vanessa didn’t have her back. Recalling the incident, Vanessa said, on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, “She shocked me that she said that I didn’t call her or whatever, after the broker’s open, because I did call her.” However, Vanessa claims she has no hard feelings toward Christine and shared, “I just take it all with a pinch of salt because it’s just like nothing at all. It was really like, she didn’t do anything to me, so…”

Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset

Vanessa went on to say that she has no issues with Christine, despite her causing drama with most of the women in Selling Sunset. Vanessa gushed, “I think she’s amazing. I’ve seen her beautiful side, her funny side, and I think she’s incredible and I really hope and wish that she will bring more of that in her life.” As for whether the two Selling Sunset stars keep in touch, Vanessa revealed that they haven’t spoken for about four or five weeks, citing their busy schedules as the reason. However, she said she would always make time for Christine and has no problem with her.

Besides Vanessa, Chelsea Lazkani may be the only other person in Selling Sunset that is still friends with Christine. Mary Fitzgerald and Christine were inseparable since Selling Sunset season 1, but the two grew apart after Christine accused Mary of not being a loyal friend. Following the bribery scandal, Christine was removed from The Oppenheim Group website, which sparked rumors that she had been fired. It has been confirmed that she will be appearing in Selling Sunset season 6, which hopefully will give her a chance to make amends with her castmates.

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Source: Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef

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