Venom Unlocked the Jaw-Dropping True Potential of Quicksilver’s Speed

Venom Unlocked the Jaw-Dropping True Potential of Quicksilver's Speed

In the distant future, Venom is able to tap into Quicksilver’s power and unlock the true potential of his speed, making him comparable to even Flash.

In the distant future of the Marvel Universe, Venom unlocks the jaw-dropping true potential of Quicksilver’s speed, putting him practically in the same league as DC Comics’ Flash. Quicksilver’s powers have always been no joke, as he is able to move and think faster than nearly anyone on Marvel’s Earth. Because of this, he is often compared to the Flash as both heroes seem to be comparable on the surface based on their power types, though that comparison has always been laughable. Quicksilver can outrun a bullet, but the Flash can outrun time itself. However, after Venom reveals Quicksilver’s true speed, the Flash/Quicksilver comparison becomes a much tighter race.


In Venom: The End by Adam Warren and Chamba, fans are given the epic tale of what becomes of Venom in the distant future after the universe becomes void of basically all biological life and is overrun by Artificial Intelligence. To keep himself alive, Venom finds a way to recreate humanity using the biological codex of everyone he ever possessed. While that may initially seem like a short list, Venom is able to access time travel, allowing him to eventually draw on every living being, including the Avenger known as Quicksilver.

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Venom uses Quicksilver’s powers to compete with the processing power of the AI he’s fighting, making him fast enough to out-think and out-attack the robotic conquerors. Quicksilver’s powers allow Venom to move and think so fast that it actually distorts space and time in ways Quicksilver was never able to achieve in life. Venom as Quicksilver was able to shoot through galaxies so fast, the hosts actually using the powers age in relativistic seconds, leading to battles that claim thousands of lives as Venom utilizes reality-warping speed to stay ahead. While Quicksilver has never been able to move as fast as he is shown in this issue, it is implied that he’s had that potential inside of him all along; a Flash-level hero fast enough to warp the very fabric of reality.


Even if he still isn’t quite as fast as the Flash, Quicksilver’s powers are pushed further in this issue than they have ever been before, revealing a staggering new limit to his powers. Given the right circumstances, Quicksilver can literally travel across the cosmos in seconds and out-think an AI processor that contains all of the knowledge of the universe and works faster than the speed of light. Plus, as shown by the tragic fate of Venom’s hosts, Quicksilver is so fast that the feats he can do in seconds would take a normal person decades, if not centuries, to accomplish.

Quicksilver has rarely been depicted as among the fastest speedsters in comics, but Venom: The End suggests that there’s another level to his powers just waiting to be unlocked – one which would make him one of the most powerful superhumans on Earth. Venom proved that Quicksilver always had the potential to be a cosmically powerful speedster – hopefully, Pietro will eventually unlock this power within his own lifetime.

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