Venom’s Best Alternate Costume Is Finally Back (& It’s Here to Stay)

Venom's Best Alternate Costume Is Finally Back (& It's Here to Stay)

With Flash’s comeback as Agent Venom, with a new Anti-Venom spin, the symbiote’s epic alternate costume is getting another chance to shine

Warning: Spoilers for Savage Avengers #1 ahead!

Flash Thompson is joining the Savage Avengers as Agent Anti-Venom, and the new-age anti-hero has a great new twist on Venom’s greatest alternate costume, bringing his iconic look together with the symbiote Anti-Venom.

The alien symbiote Venom has taken on a great number of alternate looks over the years, adopting to new hosts and rival symbiotes in its effort to be Earth’s “Lethal Protector.” Among the many iterations of Venom, Agent Venom sits among its most iconic looks. When bonded to Peter Parker’s high school bully, Flash Thompson, the symbiote takes on the look of a tactical mercenary, reflecting Flash’s time as a member of the U.S. Army. The suit was considered a fan favorite since its debut in Amazing Spider-Man #654, by Fred Van Lente and Stefano Caselli. Cosplays of Flash Thompson’s  Agent Venom are increasingly popular for good reason. Now, with the emergence of Anti-Venom as his new symbiote, two of Venom’s greatest looks have been unified into one. As Agent Anti-Venom, Flash has joined yet another edgy incarnation of the Avengers.


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In Savage Avengers #1, by David Pepose and Carlos Magno, the titular team, led by Conan the Barbarian, is another chance for Flash to be the hero he longs to be. Conan has found himself the target of the time-traveling cyborg Deathlok and needs help to escape his wrath. Cloak and Dagger then bring the new Daredevil (Elektra Natchios), the Hulk/Wolverine hybrid Weapon H, the Black Knight Dane Whitman, and Agent Anti-Venom to the scene to fight off Deathlok alongside Conan. Unfortunately Flash, Cloak and Conan find themselves back in the Hyborean age, unaware that Deathlok is set to attack yet again. With a major threat waiting in the wings, Flash and company will have to step up as heroes to take down the murderous cybernetic soldier.

Elektra and Agent Venom from Savage Avengers.

Flash’s new look, first introduced in 2018’s Amazing Spider-Man: Venom, Inc. Alpha #1, by Dan Slott, Mike Costa, and Ryan Stegman, is a result of his bonding with Anti-Venom.  As the name implies, Anti-Venom is a stark visual contrast to the hulking, black mass that Venom usually appears as. The white symbiote is meant to be Venom’s antithesis, and his look reflects that perfectly, with a completely inverted color scheme to the infamous symbiote. Coupled with Flash’s Agent Venom look which incorporates modern military gear into a sleek, human-sized suit, Agent Anti-Venom is everything Venom is not. Instead of a hulking brute with little regard for his surroundings, Flash is a soldier built for stealth and efficiency. Some even consider Flash’s Agent Venom to be the superior Symbiote hero to Eddie Brock. It brings a whole new look to symbiotes as a whole, who are often depicted as huge, brutish monsters, likely why fans have gravitated to this design.

Flash’s union with the symbiote came from his drive to be a hero, to repent for his past mistakes, so it’s fitting that the suit he now wears is a bold contrast to Venom. Eddie Brock and Venom have made a career out of being the “Lethal Protector,” doling out justice as they see fit. In contrast, Flash is looking for his chance to be a traditional, by-the-books hero, even gloating to Deathlok that he’s an Avenger, implying that makes him an authority on justice. It adds a great layer of character depth to the awesome costume Flash wears as Agent Anti Venom

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Now, fans get to see whether Flash can use the Anti-Venom symbiote to become that hero as Savage Avengers #1 is out now!

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