Watch Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy Sing Funk Song In Boys Season 3 Video

Watch Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Sing Funk Song In Boys Season 3 Video

The Boys releases a new clip of Jensen Ackles performing a Blondie song as Soldier Boy, capturing the attention of the band’s Debra Harry.

The official Twitter account for The Boys has released another in-universe video clip, this time of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy performing Blondie’s song Rapture. Ackles, who joined Amazon’s hit show for the third season, plays a parody of Marvel’s Captain America. Dubbed the “Homelander before Homelander,” his character is a World War II-era supe who later went on to lead the superhero team known as Payback. Far from being the honor-driven all-American hero that the Vought corporation made him out to be, Soldier Boy embodies many of the excesses and perverse proclivities that the show’s spoiled superheroes have come to be known for.


Formed in 1974, Blondie is an American new wave rock band co-founded by vocalist Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. Their 1981 single Rapture first appeared on the band’s fifth studio album, Autoamerican. Featuring elements of new wave, disco, and hip hop, it was the first number 1 single in the US charts to feature rap vocals. The single’s accompanying music video would also go on to become the first rap song to ever be broadcast on MTV.

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Ackles’ own performance of Rapture, released on The Boys’ Twitter account, has been stylized as a 1980s clip from the Solid Gold music television series. Not only does Ackles’ character lend his unique vocal stylings to Blondie’s former hit, but the clip also seemed to capture the attention of the band’s lead singer, Harry herself. Harry retweeted the clip and exclaimed “Holy sh*t! Epic”. The show’s Twitter account would continue the joke by replying to Harry with a photoshopped album cover featuring Ackles along with other members of the band. Check out the original clip and the exchange below:

Click here to view the original post on Twitter

Click here to view the original post on Twitter

Click here to view the original post on Twitter

This is not the first time that The Boys social media antics have caught the attention of the various celebrities they reference. In the leadup to the season 3 premiere, Justice League director Zack Snyder commented on their fictional Dawn of the Seven trailer. Not only drawing on the tropes and conventions of superhero films and comics, the show often casts a wide net in lampooning many of the facets of contemporary popular culture. Skewering everything from reality television to athletic endorsements, the show has even previously set its sights on creating a parody of the Scientology movement.

As for Ackles’ Soldier Boy, the question fans will want to know is whether his character will have the ability to challenge Homelander. While his past performances on shows like Solid Gold make for amusing glimpses into his former world as a Vought-controlled supe, now it seems clear that he poses a threat perhaps even more dangerous than anything Butcher and his friends have faced before. Fans will have a chance to see more of Ackles’ Soldier Boy as The Boys season 3 continues to stream new episodes weekly on Amazon Prime Video.

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Source: The Boys/Debra Harry

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