Weird Al Yankovic Movie Will Be Insane, Teases Daniel Radcliffe

Weird Al Yankovic Movie Will Be Insane, Teases Daniel Radcliffe

The Weird Al Yankovic biopic will be insane, according to star Daniel Radcliffe. The new film will co-star Evan Rachel Wood and Rainn Wilson.

The upcoming biopic, Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story, will be insane, according to star Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe, mostly known for his work as Harry Potter, has been trying to expand his resume with unique films like Swiss Army Man, and Guns Akimbo, with the new biopic the latest example of his diverse portfolio. The new film will also star Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna and The Office star Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento.

Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story will tell the life story of the titular musician. Weird Al has made a career of making parodies of well-known songs to satirize pop culture and the original artists, with his music videos furthering this effect, selling millions of albums in the process, and picking up five Grammy Awards over his career. Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story was shot in only 18 days, an incredibly short turnaround time for a film with such big names attached.


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Radcliffe, in an interview with ET Canada, talks about how insane the movie is, and how impressed he was by the crew making it in such a short time. He also mentions that he grew his own mustache to replicate Yankovic’s classic look that also features glasses and short curly hair (Radcliffe wore a wig.) Additionally, Radcliffe teases about how the film is completely true to Yankovic’s life before quickly adding that it wasn’t, but the final product is still going to impress fans. Read his quote below:

We had an amazing hair and makeup team truly. I don’t know how they did what they did in 18 days. It was all down to them, (it’s) the absolutely 100 per cent true story of Al’s life. I’m gonna keep that going for as long as I can, ’cause it’s insane. It’s going to be a lot of fun hopefully.

Why Daniel Radcliffe is perfect for Weird Al Yankovic

Since Radcliffe’s casting, Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story, the film has been highly anticipated by followers of Yankovic’s music, with a biopic about his life being rumored for many years. The upcoming film will stream on The Roku Channel, with a release date yet to be announced. It’s also unknown if the film will be released in theaters, making it eligible for Academy Award consideration.

Yankovic has been one of the most consistent performers in the music industry, with his clever lyrics and satirical edge bringing laughter to many for decades. Only the movie itself will tell if Radcliffe can replicate Yankovic’s vocal style and easy charisma, but with Yankovic co-writing the screenplay with director Eric Appel, it’s bound to be true to whatever narrative Yankovic claims to be true to his own life. In the end, Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story, will be exactly what fans want, as silly and irreverent as the man who inspired it.

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Source: ET Canada

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