What Are the Best Wines for Pregnant Women?

What Are the Best Wines for Pregnant Women?

Much like Yom Kippur, this week’s episode of Friends Reunion is a time for penance and atonement. The Fanbyte Thinktank (currently consisting of Head of Large John Warren, Brand Editor+ Niki Grayson, and Social Editor+ LB Hunktears) has said a lot of things over the last rolling calendar year, most of which have been knowingly false at best and genuinely misinformed at worst. If we are to consider ourselves a journalistic institution with any amount of scruples, we must take the time to properly address, correct, and apologize for these errors and inconsistencies.

Once a year.

Falsehoods addressed in this episode include that time Niki said “everything the blood touches is drugs,” as well as the time Niki said that whenever you’re inside of something, you’re fucking it, no matter what the circumstances are. Most of these are Niki, actually — while Niki does spend the majority of the episode working diligently to avoid apologizing for any of their past statements, it’s also clear they have no intention of ever changing.

To be fair, LB once said that a baby will die if you put it on a bed that’s too big — not because it might roll over or something like that, mind you, but because simply being left in a space that is too large is lethal for a baby. Additionally, the Thinktank tackles the topic of the best wines for pregnant women (as you can see from the headline) and devotes some time to addressing comments it made regarding 9/11 and the movie Shark Tale. That’s without delving into some potential misinformation it disseminated regarding the CDC and a listeria outbreak.

Truly, no one here is free of sin. (Except for Producer Jordo, of course, who was not mentioned in even one of the submissions from our delightful Discord.)

Friends Reunion Ep. 121: The 2022 Apology Episode

Friends Reunion Ep. 121: The 2022 Apology Episode Transcript

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Author: Deann Hawkins