What Does “World Data Could Not Be Obtained” Mean?

What Does "World Data Could Not Be Obtained" Mean?

If you can’t log into Final Fantasy XIV and see error code 1014, it’s probably something on Square Enix’s end.  The short answer is that many “World data could not be obtained” errors in FFXIV stem from maintenance or server difficulties. Of course, there’s the occasional exception, but typically these outages are sorted within a few minutes or hours.

You can check The Lodestone for reports on outages or planned server downtimes. But, if you’re anxious for more specifics like server status, troubleshooting, or similar errors, we can explain those too.

What is FFXIV Error 1014?

Server crashes may get confusing when players see others still online while they get the boot. Depending on where you’re at in the process, the MMO’s login, gate, or World servers could be down.  You may see error 1014 while trying to select a character or upon a sudden in-game crash.

This may hit just one World while others on the same data center remain unaffected—it still may not be anything on your end. There are often situations where only certain zones see outages, so if you’re in a housing district that goes down, you can’t log in while other players can. Depending on the reason for the crash, you may see related codes like error 4004 in these occurrences.

Again, it’s not normal for these issues to go on for extended periods, but sometimes the MMO’s server problems stem from congestion or DDOS attacks. Those don’t always have a clear, immediate resolution, but Yoshi-P and his team are pretty good about frequent updates on technical difficulties.

Can I fix the “World data could not be obtained” FFXIV error?

It depends — FFXIV server maintenance or crash recoveries are waits we’ll all have to endure, but sometimes the connection hiccup is on your end. Unstable wifi connections and poor VPN routes may be the source of your problems. If you’ve checked FFXIV‘s server status and everything looks all clear, it may be time to troubleshoot. Do the usual router reset and internet speed/latency tests, or try swapping up your VPN options.

During Endwalker‘s launch, the official FFXIV blog outlined how connection instability on the player end causes some server woes. The FFXIV servers ping your connection for activity while waiting in line, and any packet loss may mean you disconnect and lose your spot in the queue.  This can also result in disconnects when you’re logged in to the World or in separate instanced content.

Regardless, check the error code. If it’s 1014, it may not be you, but other errors share the “World data could not be obtained” message. Make sure your code and error description match up.

The FFXIV log in screen, with text that reads: "To avoid congested serverrs, you may temporarily transfer your character to a less-crowded World. The destination World is chosen automatically. Logging in will place your character at the aetheryte of your starting nation.

Can I Change My FFXIV Character World?

Sometimes, depending on congestion or the nature of the problem, you can still find a way to log into FFXIV.  Error 1014 and even some related World data issue codes may still let you into the character selection screen. From that menu, right-click your character name and select “Visit Another World Server” to transfer elsewhere. You can’t pick which World, but it’s better than getting stuck offline.

This is also a handy trick to remember if a particular server is too congested; just be careful you don’t get stuck in a long line trying to get home.

How Can I Check FFXIV World Status?

The Lodestone’s news section is a safe bet for checking on the nature of unplanned outages and FFXIV maintenance times.  There’s also an official FFXIV Twitter account dedicated to just sharing service updates. It’s the same thing as the Lodestone updates, but it’s still nice to keep something in your social feed immediate access; plus they’re published at the same time.

FFXIV also has a server status page, but it doesn’t give specifics outside of maintenance downtime. It’s not super helpful if only parts of your World are experiencing outages, so we recommend popping into the Lodestone first.

Author: Deann Hawkins