What Happened To Al Capone’s Family After His Death

What Happened To Al Capone's Family After His Death

Josh Trank’s Capone movie focuses on the final year of Al Capone’s life, but here’s what happened with his family after he passed away.

Tom Hardy’s movie Capone explores the final year of the legendary gangster’s life, but it doesn’t reveal what happened to Al Capone’s family after he died. The story of the Italian gangster is a popular story throughout the history of entertainment, with writer-director Josh Trank responsible for the latest adaptation. Unlike most stories about the crime lord, though, Capone takes place well after his time in power, when his mental state has deteriorated.

Now available for rent or purchase on a variety of video-on-demand services, Capone’s release has made it one of the more noteworthy films to launch during the coronavirus pandemic. Capone serves as a showcase for Hardy to once again transform his body and voice for a new role, and he has to carry the majority of the film on his shoulders. For many, Al Capone is a familiar name, but Capone shows a different point in his life and heavily involves his family, who are with him in their giant Florida mansion.


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Capone concludes before the death of its lead character, which might leave viewers wondering what happened next in real life after Al Capone died on January 25, 1947. This is especially true where his family is concerned, as Josh Trank and Tom Hardy’s movie doesn’t shed light on Al Capone’s descendants. Here’s what happened to Al Capone’s family after the events of Capone.

Who Are Al Capone’s Descendants

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Despite what Capone might suggest, Al Capone only had one descendant: his son Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone Jr. Al Capone’s only son was born on December 4, 1918, just a few weeks before Al and Mae got married. Many other people claimed to be Al Capone’s descendants, but Sonny is the only legitimate heir to the gangster. After the death of his father, Sonny worked to separate himself from Al Capone’s legacy. He remained in Florida and worked several odd jobs. While Sonny Capone Jr. did threaten to kill Edward Kennedy in 1968, the only crime he was ever convicted of was stealing $3.50 worth of aspirin and batteries in 1965. Al Capone’s son Sonny legally changed his name to Albert Francis Brown in 1966 to remove ties to Capone. Sonny died on July 8, 2004 at the age of 85.

What Happened To Al Capone’s Family

The fate of Al Capone’s family after Capone is not well-chronicled, but information on many of his family members are available. His wife Mae Capone largely stayed out of the public eye after Al Capone’s death. She sold the Florida mansion and remained committed to maintaining Al’s legacy even after he died. Mae sued a production studio due to the similarities between Al’s life and The Untouchables TV show in 1964. She died a few years later in Florida on April 16, 1968 at the age of 89.

There are also known details about what happened to Al Capone’s extended family after his death. His older brothers Ralph aka “Bottles” and James Vincenzo aka “Two-Gun” had both moved past their criminal days, with James passing away in Nebraska in 1952 and Ralph dying in Wisconsin in 1974. His younger brother Matthew died in 1967, his younger brother Umberto died in 1980, his younger brother Ermino died in 1985, and his younger sister Mafalda passed away in 1988. Al’s younger siblings were not heavily involved with his criminal empire, even though Capone changed the true story to include Ralph.

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Does Al Capone Have Any Living Relatives Today?

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Al Capone’s family is still alive today, as the notorious gangster does have a few living relatives still. Since Sonny Capone is Al’s only legitimate descendant, the chances for the family line to continue rested entirely on him. Sonny Capone got married three times, resulting in the birth of many children, who have since had what would be considered Al Capone’s great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Many of Al Capone’s descendants who are still alive today do not make their connection to the gangster’s lineage widely known. However, three of his granddaughters, including Diane Capone, began auctioning off his estate in 2021 after Capone’s release.

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