What Is Iyanna & Jarrette’s Height Difference?

What Is Iyanna & Jarrette's Height Difference?

Love Is Blind 2 fans are curious to find out what’s the height difference between Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely. Check out how tall they are.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Love Is Blind season 2 episodes 1-5 below!

Iyanna McNeely was shocked to see how tall Jarrette Jones is upon meeting him in person on Love Is Blind season 2, so fans have been curious to find out what is the height difference between Jarrette and Iyanna. It can be a shock for certain couples on Love Is Blind to see each other after talking for so long in the pods. After all, these engaged couples typically feel like they know each other through and through despite never having seen their romantic partners.

The entire point of Love Is Blind is to push people to form connections that go beyond physical traits and external distractions, so one’s body should (technically) not matter on the show if love is truly blind for them. With that said, it can still be surprising – and perhaps even funny – to find out that you’re now engaged to someone whose body is completely different from what you had potentially pictured in your head. In the case of Iyanna and Jarrette, they really didn’t foresee how big their height difference would be.


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Feeling both hesitant and excited, Iyanna explains on the show that Jarrette happens to be 6’1″, which she had no idea about while they talked in the pods. Iyanna never shares her height on the show, but she does mention that she is 11 inches shorter than Jarrette. After doing the math, it would mean that Iyanna is probably around 5’2″. The difference between 6’1″ and 5’2″ is indeed significant, but neither Iyanna nor Jarrette appear to be thrown off by it. Jarrette did say that he also didn’t expect Iyanna to be this short, but from what the season has shown so far, he hasn’t been concerned by her height at all.

Iyanna cracked a few jokes during the couples’ retreat on Love Is Blind that she’s going to need to wear heels constantly whenever she’s around Jarrette. Otherwise, she joked that she might develop neck problems at a very young age from looking up to him so often. With that said, it should be noted that Iyanna was clearly joking when she made all of these comments. She firmly stated how attracted she is to Jarrette and even mentioned that it’ll be hard for them not to get intimate together before marriage (something she had promised herself in the pods). Mostly, this big height difference between Jarrette and Iyanna is just funny because neither of them expected it whatsoever.

Only time will tell how far Iyanna and Jarrette will make it on Love Is Blind season 2. They have a very solid foundation in their relationship after having so many deep conversations in the pods. However, getting to know each other in person can be quite different, so fans will have to keep tuning in to find out what happens next.

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