What To Know About Chelsea Lazkani’s Husband Jeff

What To Know About Chelsea Lazkani's Husband Jeff

The newest star of Selling Sunset Chelsea Lazkani, has been gushing about her husband and naturally, fans are curious. Get to know Jeff Lazkani.

Chelsea Lazkani is the newest addition to the cast of Selling Sunset, and it’s all thanks to her husband, Jeff Lazkani. The British-Nigerian boss babe has five years of experience in luxury real estate. After obtaining her real estate license in 2017, she worked for Rodeo Realty for two and a half years, then went solo for a while. In 2021, she joined the Oppenheim Group. Chelsea credits her husband Jeff for introducing her to Jason Oppenheim, which may have helped her land the job.

Chelsea told viewers that her husband Jeff met Jason when he sold him a house. The 29-year-old go-getter made fast friends with Oppenheim’s Christine Quinn, and in their get-to-know-each-other session, she revealed that she met her husband within two weeks of moving to LA on a dating app. Although she and Christine got acquainted quickly, Chelsea has made it clear that they did not know each other before being on Selling Sunset season 5.Chelsea and Jeff tied the knot in 2017 and have two children- Maddox and Melia, who were featured briefly on the show.


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Jeff works as a managing director at a marketing and advertising company, Icon Media Direct, and is listed as the VP for Business and Strategy on the company website. The company was founded by his mother, Nancy, and he has worked there for the last 16 years. “When not strategizing about media, he can be found chillin’ with his wife and dogs, reading the latest thriller and listening to some tunes. Oh, and he’s a die-hard Lakers fan,” reads his company profile. Jeff is clearly a family man, as seen from his brief appearances on Selling Sunset.

Jeff can be found on Instagram under the username @jefflazkani; however, his profile is on private. The father and husband to the Selling Sunset star has his and Chelsea’s wedding picture as his profile photo. Chelsea is thankful for her husband’s support, which she says, gives her the courage to take on the world. She told People in a recent interview, “I think having the support of my husband and my family really essentially prepared me to take on this big role and this big opportunity.”

Chelsea seems to be fitting in well with the Oppenheim group and is getting along well with some of the cast despite being friends with Christine, the Selling Sunset villain. She sees this as an opportunity to open doors in an industry that she feels lacks diversity, and where minorities are underrated. Apart from a new cast member, this season will have its first-ever reunion special. The Selling Sunset reunion episode will stream on May 6, 2022, on Netflix.

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Source: People, Icon Media Direct/website

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