What Your Favorite Destiny 2 Subclass Says About You

What Your Favorite Destiny 2 Subclass Says About You

Between its three classes of Warlock, Titan, and Hunter and its four elemental options of Void, Arc, Solar, and Stasis, Destiny 2 now offers twelve distinct subclasses for players to choose from. Players may gravitate towards one or another subclass depending on its current state in the meta, as occurred this season when many shifted to the recently-updated Void options. But your choice of subclass isn’t just about what’s hot right now — it speaks to your tastes as a Guardian. Here’s what your favorite Destiny 2 subclass says about you.

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Ah, Titans. They may be crayon-eating simpletons, but they’re also heroes through and through. If you play a Titan, you’re probably into the idea of being a brave warrior who protects and helps out your friends in battle. But how, exactly? Well, let’s take a look.


You love to say “no.” You can turn off other people’s abilities with Suppression effects and throw up a nearly-impenetrable force field in the form of Ward of Dawn. For a Titan, you sure do seem to be kind of a control freak! You’re the parent who says “we have food at home” when the kids are screaming for McDonald’s. But like a responsible parent, your teammates know they can count on you — who else is going to grant them damage buffs when it’s DPS time?


You watched too many cartoons where characters get shot out of cannons as a kid and thought “I could do that.” You’re the Johnny Knoxville of Titans, a noble dumbass whose best move is throwing themselves into a crowd of enemies like a pissed-off Pikachu. Everyone is afraid of you because nobody is really sure what you’re capable of.

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You’re direct and to the point. You know that most problems have a simple solution: cleansing fire. If it doesn’t work, you’re not using enough of it. You should not be allowed near open flames. Thanks for the sunspots, though.


You have seen Batman & Robin more than anyone else on this earth. People (Warlocks, probably) try to tell you that Stasis isn’t ice but you don’t care. “Ice to meet you,” you say, as you freeze and shatter another Hive Knight. “Sorry to give you the cold shoulder,” you quip to the Ghost of your latest Crucible victim. You probably got in trouble as a kid for throwing rocks at icicles hanging off of your roof.

Destiny 2 Best Hunter Build Season 14


Beloved by those who play them and maligned by those who don’t, Hunters are probably the subject of the strongest feelings of any Destiny 2 class. The precise level of antipathy you inspire as a Hunter depends on which subclass you’re rolling with, though.


In PVE settings, you’re unusually team-minded for a Hunter. Your invisibility effects and super abilities are genuinely a big help to your fireteam, and you don’t feel the need to be in the spotlight — you’re happy assisting from the shadows. If you’re a Nightstalker in the Crucible, though, none of that applies. You just like messing with people. You’re an honest to god freak.


You watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid and never got over Donatello “doing machines.” What the hell does that mean? Or maybe you were just really into Devil Sticks. If you don’t understand either of those references then I can only assume that you’re on a high school baton twirling team.

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Look, I get it — you can aim, ok? We’re all very impressed that you’re able to hit people with your magic glowing gun. It’s extremely cool and I’m sure your mother is very proud of you. And yeah, it’s really neat that you can do so much damage to bosses with Celestial Nighthawk. What exactly are you trying to prove, buddy?


You’re a bad person. “Oh, I just think sickles are cool.” No. I know your game. You go into the Crucible and you just throw your awful little tornadoes everywhere and you make life a living hell for honest Titans and Warlocks. You disgust me. I hope you think seriously about your choices.


While the Hunters and Titans are fighting, you’re off studying. because you’re an intellectual. Mainly that means you’re sticking your nose into stuff that you absolutely shouldn’t, but hey, somebody’s gotta delve into the dark secrets of the universe. (Crucially nobody has to do this.)


You’ve done drugs and read books. Cool. But if you tell me about how like, most of everything is just nothing one more time then I’m not going to let you use my Netflix login to watch Midnight Gospel anymore. And please stop throwing your Nova Bombs into walls, it’s getting embarrassing.


You either think Star Wars prequels memes are the funniest thing in the world or you wish Destiny was more like anime and Chaos Reach is the closest you can get to living out your dream of shooting a Kamehameha.

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If you were online in the 2000s, you had a username like “xXavengingangle87Xx.” You’re either a Crucible god who chooses to play Warlock just because you need the extra challenge, or you’re the equivalent of a bass player in a rock band, deploying Well of Radiance to keep your fireteam on track. It may not be the flashiest role, but you can take satisfaction in a job well done. Have you considered playing a Titan, though?


You thought Gandalf was a pretty cool guy, but he would have been cooler if he shot ice lasers out of his staff instead of like, fireworks or whatever. And you know what? You’re right.

Author: Deann Hawkins