Where to Find Lightsabers, Block Hits

Where to Find Lightsabers, Block Hits

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is in full swing, bringing map changes, a new battle pass featuring Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Prowler, and tons of challenges to complete. From seasonal quests to a new character collection to complete, there is no shortage of activities at hand. This guide focuses on Fortnite Lightsaber locations from Star Wars, as the weapon is now back in rotation. If you’re wondering where to find it, this guide explains it.

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Fortnite Lightsaber Locations – Where to Find Lightsabers in Fortnite

The Lightsabers from Star Wars are back into the game as part of the Star Wars May the 4th quests event. For a limited time, you can find and wield four different Lightsabers and use them against other players.

In summary, you can find Fortnite Lightsaber locations as part of ground loot. At the moment there isn’t a way to purchase them from an NPC like the E-11 Blaster Rifle, for example, and it’s unsure whether or not they can appear from chests.

Fortnite Lightsaber Locations 2

Fortnite Lightsaber Locations 4

Based on my experience, I can say this is true. The Stormtroopers in the checkpoints don’t have them for sale, and opening chests didn’t grant me one so far. I was lucky to find one in the fishing spot located in Camp Cuddle, floating on top of the boardwalk near the water. On another occasion, I saw a few Lightsabers on the ground, where it seemed likely that a fight had occurred moments before I arrived. This means that other players had them first, which reaffirms that they’re just random loot scattered across the map.

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My advice is to check inside cabins, near fishing spots, and around Seven outposts as well, which may seem likely to have at least one laying around. But in the worst case scenario, taking down other players who are using them may be a safe bet.

How to Block Hits Using a Lightsaber in Fortnite

One of the Star Wars May the 4th event quests in Fortnite asks for you to block a total of 10 hits from enemy players using a Lightsaber. As mentioned, finding one is actually the hardest part, as the mission itself isn’t that complicated.

In order to block hits using a Lightsaber in Fortnite, you have to press and hold the aim button while using the Lightsaber. This is going to put your character in a defensive stance and, once someone starts shooting at you, the character is going to start blocking the shots.

Fortnite Lightsaber Locations 3

Now, bear in mind that this isn’t flawless, as you can still get hit by certain projectiles on occasion. But if you’re facing just one enemy at a time and you have the right distance, it’s likely that you’re gonna leave the fight mostly unharmed.

That’s pretty much it. 10 hits is actually a low number all things considered, and I was able to complete the mission in one go. As general Lightsaber advice, I recommend striking your enemy while they’re reloading — the weapon is very fast and does quite a bit of damage.

Author: Deann Hawkins