Which Boy Would You End Up With, Based On Your Enneagram Type?

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The hit Prime Video original show The Summer I Turned Pretty has taken the world by storm and has the viewers buzzing about which guy Belly should choose. This young adult story relates to many, as it is the perfect depiction of what it means to come of age and navigate the dating scene as everything starts to change.

There are several factors that play into picking a soulmate, from personal attraction to common ground to what people think they deserve in a relationship, which are all factors Belly struggles with. While not all enneagram types think the same or have the same attraction to certain personality types, it is fun for fans to daydream about who they would pick if they were Belly.


Enneagram 1 – Conrad

Conrad Fisher at the ball on The Summer I Turned Pretty

With Conrad acting as the most mysterious and brooding character of the series, it’s hard for fans to get a good read on him. He sends Belly constant mixed signals, but viewers trust that Belly loves him for a good reason.

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While it’s unclear what Conrad truly wants in a relationship, he would be sure to take things slow, which is right up an enneagram one’s alley. Ones always tread lightly and think through their moral acts, which is exactly the kind of stability and responsibility Conrad needs in a significant other.

Enneagram 2 – Cam

Belly and Cam talking on the beach in The Summer I Turned Pretty

It became quite clear that Cam was quite the romantic with Belly, going the extra mile to plan every date and make her feel special. While Belly was too hyperfocused on Conrad to welcome a new boy in her life, despite how perfect he seemed, enneagram twos would love to have their own Cam in their lives.

The two’s basic fear is being unloved or unwanted, so they typically go the extra mile for their friends and loved ones in order to feel appreciated. While it’s nice to have a friend in an enneagram two, they need someone equally as thoughtful to pour into them and reassure them, which Cam would do a great job of.

Enneagram 3 – Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Belly at the debutante ball on The Summer I Turned Pretty

The ever-so-funny and charming Jeremiah is the fan favorite among many; however, only certain types of people could see themselves with somebody like him. Enneagram threes have a strong work ethic and care a lot about their image, and they often worry about being seen as not good enough or incapable.

Jeremiah would be a great match for a three because of his carefree nature, encouraging the three to let their worries go, all while assuring them how great they are.

Enneagram 4 – Cam

Cam and Belly laughing on the beach in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Fours are notorious for needing constant reassurance, as they have a basic fear of abandonment and lack of identity. Cam is the most likely boy to give fours that encouragement they so desire.

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Additionally, when healthy, the four can be a great match for Cam, as they both can put their creative minds together to craft some pretty unique dates and encourage each other artistically. All in all, they would be able to depend on each other quite well.

Enneagram 5 – Cam

Cam smiling at Belly on The Summer I Turned Pretty

Fives are typically quite introspective and keep to themselves, but Cam would encourage them to open up to him. Cam would challenge this unhealthy tendency enneagram fives have to act as hermits by showing the five how appreciative he is of them.

Additionally, Cam has a similar love and thirst for learning as the five with his in-depth knowledge of marine biology. Cam and the five would have an exciting relationship together where they both learn and grow together, all while encouraging each other to be themselves and show their immense appreciation for one another.

Enneagram 6 – Conrad

Conrad looking serious in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

One of the best surprises of the season was when viewers discovered along with Belly that Conrad had, in fact, gotten her a very meaningful birthday present. With enneagram sixes being incredibly loyal and thoughtful, this act would mean the world to one.

While many sixes are attracted to Conrad’s personality type, one potential conflict could be the lack of clarity on the relationship status, making the six feel less at ease. However, these minor details are important to sixes, so this conflict could be resolved quite early on, as communication is always key to the enneagram six.

Enneagram 7 – Conrad

Conrad and Belly sitting on the beach in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Enneagram sevens are quite well-known for their wild and carefree sides, much like Jeremiah. Though Jere and his brother Conrad have their differences, they balance each other out, so it’s only safe to assume that Conrad would work well romantically with a seven, too.

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Though Conrad is quite reserved throughout the show, it’s clear that he could use the energy of a seven to pull him out of his frequent slumps. Fans have seen the few times Conrad let his guard down around Belly, and many have concluded that Conrad would do well with a fun and energetic enneagram seven.

Enneagram 8 – Jeremiah

Belly and Jeremiah in a car smiling

With many fans questioning what will happen with Jeremiah and Belly in season two after Belly and Conrad’s kiss, fans do wonder if Belly and Jeremiah would have lasted under normal circumstances. Though it is quite clear that Jeremiah was convenient for Belly to pursue, Jere would be a great match for an enneagram 8.

Eights are known for being assertive and strong-willed, yet Jeremiah’s sense of freedom would be a great escape for an eight. The basic fear of an eight is being controlled or tied down, so it only makes sense for Jeremiah to be the perfect match, as he is also a go-with-the-flow type when it comes to relationships.

Enneagram 9 – Jeremiah

Jeremiah twirling Belly in the parking lot in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Enneagram nines are known for being on the timid side as intense people pleasers. However, a good match for this type would be Jeremiah, as he could easily encourage the nine to find their fun-loving side.

Additionally, Jeremiah could offer that much-needed peace of mind to the nine, as Jere is an open and honest communicator when it comes to his emotions. Jere and the nine could bring perfect balance to each other, between finding their inner freedom and buckling down and taking on the heavier challenges that may come with a relationship.

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Author: Deann Hawkins