Which MCU Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which MCU Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Star signs are a fun tool to use in personality tests and people often enjoy thinking about how their star signs align them with different characters. With so many different heroes in the MCU, it’s the perfect franchise to explore through a zodiac lens.

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There are only 12 recognized signs in the Western zodiac, but dozens of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means all of the signs are well represented by different personality traits, many of them by multiple characters.

Updated on March 2nd, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: With so many of the MCU’s heroes busy saving the world (and sometimes, the universe) on a regular basis, they probably don’t have time to check their horoscope or put much faith in their zodiac signs at all. That’s okay because fans can do that for them as they see just which characters line up best with the signs they have, and which ones suit other signs better. The MCU zodiac signs make for a fascinating look into the different characters.


Aries: Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) And Kate Bishop

A split image depicts Carol Danvers and Kate Bishop in the MCU

Although Carol Danvers is actually a Taurus (but only by a few days with an April 24 birthday), she truly embodies the traits of an Aries. The MCU’s version of Carol is a real trailblazer, always ready to throw herself into a new challenge, and to go, literally, to new heights, the defining traits of the ram sign. On top of all of this, she’s literally surrounded by crackling energy flames much of the time, so it only makes sense for her to represent this fire sign.

An Aries is courageous, confident, and passionate, just like the good Captain, but also sometimes impetuous, hot-tempered, and too quick to act. Carol has those traits in common with MCU newcomer Kate Bishop. Kate is so ready to make a difference that she doesn’t always come up with a plan, simply ready to take on the world.

Taurus: T’Challa (Black Panther)

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa in Black Panther and Wakanda Forever salute

Those born under the Taurus sign would definitely be T’Challa. Though T’Challa’s birthday is often cited as May 21, on the cusp of Gemini season, he fits the Taurus better. Fans have the honor of watching as T’Challa evolves throughout the MCU’s movies, and becomes one of the most level-headed, stable, and reliable heroes that exist in a universe full of, frankly, hot messes.

T’Challa is devoted to his country and his family, as well as to the world, and though in Civil War the audience sees his stubbornness, a very Taurean trait, flare up, T’Challa overcomes this and turns to reason in a way that is rare in fictional worlds. Additionally, T’Challa is grounded in a land and an element of the earth, Vibranium, making him the perfect representation of the Taurus among us.

 Gemini: Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

Tony Stark is a Gemini by birth (May 29) and if a fan is a Gemini, they’re probably like Tony Stark. On the positive end, Gemini is well-represented in Tony, as he showcases the sign’s natural curiosity, adaptability, passion, and dynamic nature. Tony is incredibly smart, charismatic, and always has his hand in a thousand things. He thrives on being the center of attention and drawing a crowd.

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But on the flip-side, he is as dual as the twins, often feeling very lonely, indecisive, and self-effacing. Throughout his movies and the Avengers films, fans see Tony turn on the public charm, but privately Tony feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. But together, all of this leads to incredible heroism and all the Geminis out there should feel proud to claim Tony as their representative.

Cancer: Steve Rogers (Captain America) And Shang-Chi

A split image features Steve Rogers and Shang-Chi in the MCU

What can be said about Steve Rogers – born on July 4, he is a Cancer and the perfect representation of them too. If someone is born under the Crab sign, they probably recognize many of their own traits in Captain America’s stubborn determination, inability to express his emotion (see: a million damaged punching bags), and his amazing, unparalleled devotion to those he loves. Steve Rogers is always “with you until the end of the line,” and that’s definitely true of a Cancer.

While the audience doesn’t learn Shang-Chi’s birthday when he’s introduced to know his canon sign, he definitely embodies a lot of those same traits, sharing Captain America’s MCU zodiac sign. Rather than face his own emotions with regard to his father’s training, he runs away from home, but as an adult, he doesn’t shy away from helping his mother’s home village and his sister save the world.

Leo: Thor

Loving, laughing, and larger than life, literally a glowing god, is there any question which character Leos are? The Leo is a leader, a King, one might say, or, perhaps, a god, a glorious mane haloing them like a crown. Thor’s booming persona and his endearing personality, make him a true Leo.

He is always trying to do the right thing, always striving to be good, and while sometimes he is prone to arrogance, he is ready to squeeze the life out of anyone with a big, vivacious hug.

Virgo: Peter Parker (Spider-Man) And Sam Wilson (Falcon/Captain America)

A split image features Peter Parker and Sam Wilson in the MCU

Virgos out there can probably see themselves in Peter Parker (born August 27).  As one of the youngest Avengers, Peter is still trying to hold onto as much normalcy in his life as he can, and always asking the obvious questions that other Avengers aren’t too concerned with. Much like Peter, Virgos are family-oriented like Peter is with his Aunt, selfless, like Peter is with the world, and always eager to lend a helping hand like Peter is with Tony Stark. Not to mention, Peter is incredibly hardworking, another Virgo trait. They can also tend to be a little shy… but hey, that’s what masks are for!

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Sharing in a lot of those Virgo traits is Sam Wilson. Sam truly embodies the nurturing side of a Virgo, even while he’s busy donning wings as Falcon or carrying Captain America’s shield. Sam is there to coach Bucky Barnes through the things his therapist can’t, just as he did with Steve Rogers. He’s also there for his sister and his nephews, trying to help her keep the family business afloat.

Libra: James Rhodes (War Machine/Iron Patriot)

James Rhodes (born October 6) has a strong sense of justice inside of him, often wanting things to go according to the order and protocol that has been set down by fair bodies. But when pushed, he also knows where his own internal scales tip, making him perfectly suited to represent Libras.

Libras are also a very social sign, preferring to work as a team and valuing their friendships, much in the way Rhodey does when it comes to his strong friendship with Tony. (Even though Iron Man often drives him crazy.)

Scorpio: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) And Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange)

A split image features Natasha Romanoff and Doctor Strange in the MCU

Black Widows and Scorpions are both deadly creatures and it makes sense that Natasha Romanoff (reportedly born November 22) would suit this sign. But deadly doesn’t always mean evil, as both Scorpios and Natasha often reflect, though on occasion it can mean violent. Natasha’s bravery, her loyalty, and her resourcefulness are the traits that truly qualify her to be the model for Scorpios everywhere. As a spy, Natasha can be secretive, but, just like a Scorpio, she will also never reveal the secrets of those she trusts.

While Stephen Strange might seem very different from Natasha, he does share her bravery and resourcefulness. His repeated attempts to combat Dormammu demonstrate that. He also has the same tenacity to go after what he wants and complete a mission, regardless of the consequences, as he does when he attempts to enact a spell of forgetting for Peter Parker.

Sagittarius: Nakia

Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia in Black Panther

Nakia is the true embodiment of the Sagittarian spirit. Freedom is her main driver, and her need to travel and explore, to see the world and where she can assist it, are key to her personality.

She knows she will not be happy being restricted and restrained by politics. As a fire sign, her passion drives her, and as the archer of the zodiac, she is fierce in her pursuits and in defending those she loves.

Capricorn: Pepper Potts And Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

A split image features Pepper Potts and Clint Barton in the MCU

Pepper is always in control, sometimes to a fault. While her responsible ways are sorely needed in Tony Stark’s life,  and her discipline allows her to successfully run Stark Industries, she can sometimes be unforgiving and too judgmental. But this combination of personality traits does make her the ideal representative of a Capricorn, down to the very last detail, though it might conflict with her canon April 10 birthday, which would indicate she’s an Aries in the MCU instead.

Sharing Pepper’s need for structure and attention to detail is Clint Barton. While he initially seems laid back in the MCU, he’s actually a very focused person who manages to balance his career as a SHIELD agent and his personal life as a father. He shares Pepper’s desire to step away from the superhero life, but a sense of responsibility to help the world as well.

Aquarius: Shuri

While Shuri is definitely not on the “shy” side of being an Aquarius, she definitely has an eccentric streak running through her. Overall, she’s a great representative of the sign because of her independence, her originality, and her forward-looking mentality.

As a genius, an inventor, and a scientist – Shuri is a true Aquarian thinker. And much like those who are born under this airy sign, she is always in need of the next project.

Pisces: Bucky Barnes And Wanda Maximoff

A split image features Bucky Barnes and Wanda Maximoff in the MCU

Bucky Barnes (born May 10) is a deeply emotional character. He’s been through a lot, but he still experiences deep empathy for the world and for those he may have hurt against his will. Despite all that’s transpired, the viewers also see him waking up to a roomful of children in Black Panther and raising goats in Infinity War. This kind of gentle spirit befits those of the Pisces sign.

While Wanda Maximoff is often painted as a villain in the MCU because of some of her choices, she and Bucky are a lot of like. Wanda feels things deeply, and sometimes her own grief, repeatedly thrown at her, causes her to not see her mistakes until it’s too late. Like Bucky, she can also stay in her own head quite a bit, dwelling on her own guilt.

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