Why Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’s George Costanza Episode Isn’t On Netflix

Why Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee's George Costanza Episode Isn't On Netflix

Every episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is available on Netflix, bar a special featuring Jason Alexander as Seinfeld’s George; here’s why.

Here’s why Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee special George Costanza episode isn’t available on Netflix. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has featured many famous acts over its 11-season run. But one of the best episodes features Jason Alexander playing his famous Seinfeld character, George Costanza. Love him or hate him, George became an extremely popular character on the sitcom and was given some of the best/weirdest storylines, such as Festivus. Many were excited when an episode of Comedians aired featuring George Costanza. Still, disappointment set in when people realized that the episode, titled “The Over-Cheer,” couldn’t be accessed on Netflix.


Along with Seinfeld being a beloved show, the sitcom also made Jerry Seinfeld very, VERY rich. In more recent years, he achieved another surprise hit with Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which is exactly what it sounds like. Each episode features Seinfeld picking up a famous comedian or celebrity in a nice car, with guests running the gamut from Jim Carrey to Mario Joyner, Kate McKinnon, and Barack Obama. They talk about life and comedy while grabbing coffee. The first nine seasons were made for Crackle, with the series later moving to Netflix in 2018.

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Reviews for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee have been mixed, with some loving its introspective conversations between top comedians. Others feel it’s a mere excuse to show off the impressive Jerry Seinfeld car collection. One notable exclusion when Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee landed on Netflix was the lack of season 3 episode “The Over-Cheer.” This episode featured Jason Alexander as the guest, but instead of being himself, he’s playing Seinfeld’s famous neurotic George Costanza instead. The episode also ends with a cameo from Wayne Knight as Newman. This special episode was co-written by Seinfeld and Larry David, with the latter directing, and is a delightful mini-Seinfeld reunion. So, why is “The Over-Cheer” not on Netflix?

Why George Costanza Is Not On Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (On Netflix)

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’s “The Over-Cheer” was produced as a one-off special for 2014’s Super Bowl XLVIII. Therefore, it wasn’t included in Netflix’s acquisition of the show itself. It doesn’t look likely this episode will be added in the future, either. Those wishing to see more of George Costanza are in luck, as Seinfeld has successfully transitioned to Netflix — and in 4k, no less. However, many are still frustrated over “The Over-Cheer’s” lack of presence on the streaming service.

Where To Watch The Over-Cheer With Jason Alexander As George Costanza

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George Costanza’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode “The Over-Cheer” is not available on Netflix — and, disappointingly, it won’t be hitting any major streaming service any time soon, either. Making the episode a Super Bowl special might’ve been great for viewership numbers. However, many Seinfeld viewers don’t watch the Super Bowl, so making Jason Alexander’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee episode a Super Bowl special cheated eager fans out of getting to watch Jason Alexander’s George Costanza be his hilarious, neurotic self. Newman’s cameo only added to the funny factor, and it’s discouraging that this particular episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee can’t be streamed.

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