Why Fans Are Disgusted With Kody After Poop Lecture

Why Fans Are Disgusted With Kody After Poop Lecture

Once again, the patriarch of Sister Wives, Kody Brown, has left viewers less than impressed with him this time after talking about poop to his kids.

Kody Brown can’t catch a break when it comes to Sister Wives fans, especially after they shared a clip of him talking about poop. The father of 18 has always been an over-the-top personality on the show and has often rubbed fans the wrong way. Since season 16 wrapped, viewers have taken to rewatching episodes and finding some long-forgotten.

At 53-year-olds, Kody is still trying his best to be the head of the family. Even though many of his children have moved out and he no longer lives with any of his wives except Robyn Brown, the TLC star is not giving up control. During the most recent season, viewers watched as he tried his best to keep his family safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, but often received resistance from a few family members. At the time, Kody made the difficult decision to self-isolate and only interact with those who agreed with his strict rules.


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During the heightened times of March 2020, when COVID-19 first started to take over the Brown’s lives, Kody decided to have a family meeting about poop and toilet paper. The old episode showed Kody sitting his large polygamous family down and explaining how to ration the toilet paper due to misuse. The father of 18 revealed that he wasn’t blaming anyone; however, in recent weeks, he did have to “plunge the toilet” due to too much use. To make matters worse, Kody then took the lecture a step further as he showed his children that they shouldn’t wrap it totally around their hands. Needless to say, fans were mortified as they took to Reddit with one sharing, “Why is he so freakishly gross!?”

Kody Brown in Sister Wives

To Sister Wives viewers’ dismay, Kody kept harping on how to poop correctly, including a vivid illustration of the clean-up process. While the often scandalous Kody did have a point that his family was being wasteful and was only trying to protect them from unwanted sewage touching their fingers, fans felt he didn’t need to continue saying, “Now one square is way too little that’s the miser way, and we aren’t going to be miserly.” Frankly, fans learned too much information about Kody’s bathroom rituals, noting he could survive on four squares, but five was the “appropriate” amount.

Followers of Sister Wives are hoping for a new season to be announced shortly. Paedon Brown has confirmed that TLC cameras had started rolling, and his mother, Christine, would be a part of the series. If TLC keeps holding back on a new season, fans will have to continue to turn to old clips to mock Kody, and nobody wants that. Hopefully, at least the toilets are unclogged in the Brown home after such an in-depth conversation from the patriarch.

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