Why Fans Found it Hard to Support Season 2 Couples

Why Fans Found it Hard to Support Season 2 Couples

Now that Love Is Blind Season 2 has aired, fans are sounding off and explaining why it was so hard to fully support all of the couples.

Now that Love Is Blind Season 2 has aired, fans are sounding off and explaining why it was so hard to fully support all of the couples. Only two couples made it down the altar by the season finale, and viewers aren’t surprised. Considering the dynamics of the few couples that made it through the process, there were a number of red flags on display. After watching the season back, there weren’t many couples that brought the same essence as Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton brought in season 1.

Lauren and Cameron helped sell the dating experiment after instantly finding love with each other in season 1. The couple smoothly sailed through the entire process after connecting in the pods. While there were other couples that also found love, like Amber and Barnett, no one had the same fairytale appeal that Lauren and Cameron did. Their dynamic inspired a number of hopefuls to sign up for season 2 in hopes of finding love. There were many likable contenders in season 2, but there wasn’t any smooth sailing for the couple that formed.


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Reddit user u/DeliciousMammal started an opinion thread explaining why “I honestly couldn’t find myself rooting for any of the S2 relationships.” The Redditor behind the thread had a hard time warming up to the season 2 couples. When comparing the season 1 and 2 couples, the viewer felt like season 1 was “so tame in comparison to some of these individuals.” Shayne Jensen and Natalie Lee were among the fan favorites in season 2. But considering Shayne coming off “annoying and overbearing,” the Redditor and many others found it hard to fully support Natalie and Shayne’s relationship. Many were relieved when Natalie decided to leave Shayne at the altar on the finale. The Redditor said Shayne was better at “attracting women” than he is at “maintaining relationships.”

The Redditor also accused Natalie of being “more shallow than she lets on.” They went on to blast Shaina Hurley for presenting herself as a “Self-centered narcissist” who only “Strung Kyle along” after getting turned down by Shayne for Natalie. Shaina was honest about her desire to date Shayne. But when she found out he wanted to propose to Natalie, Shaina decided to accept Kyle Abrams’ proposal only to dump him during the couple’s vacation to Mexico. The Redditor also shamed Kyle for allowing his “infatuation” with Shaina to distract him from all the signs that Shaina was “disinterested” in-home from the beginning. Other Redditors agreed to say they “really didn’t root for anyone either,” because of all the character flaws everyone on the show displayed.

Shake and Deepti had one of the worst breakups on the show with Shake being deemed the season 2 villain. Sal and Mallory showed potential but Sal ultimately decided he wasn’t ready to get married. Other Redditors said the cast wasn’t “endearing” enough to truly support their desire to find love. Some credited Sal Perez with being one of the few genuine cast members in season 2. The Love Is Blind season 2 cast might’ve disappointed viewers but there were two couples that found love. Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are still together as well as Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely. Many viewers think the cast wasn’t likable but at least two couples were able to find someone they matched with.

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Source: u/DeliciousMammal/Reddit

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