Why Fans Think Paedon Brown Is Just Like Kody

Why Fans Think Paedon Brown Is Just Like Kody

Paedon Brown has spoken out against Kody on TikTok since Sister Wives season 16. Fans think Paedon and Kody share a need to get attention.

Paedon Brown might be speaking out against his father since the dramatic conclusion of Sister Wives season 16, but the Brown family’s followers think Padeon is more like Kody than he realizes. Even though Paedon has been saying plenty of what the viewers have complained about Kody and Robyn on social media, the entire Sister Wives fanbase isn’t ready to embrace the patriarch’s son just yet. From their shared affinity for attention to the Brown son’s insecurities, here’s why Sister Wives fans think Paedon Brown is just like Kody.

Unfortunately, Sister Wives season 16 documented the end of Kody and Christine Brown’s 27-year-old spiritual marriage. Although the Brown family was understandably devastated by Christine’s decision to leave her controversial husband, Sister Wives’ audience was unanimously elated for Christine. Viewers claim that Kody has been a terrible husband to Christine throughout the polygamous clan’s decade-spanning run in Sister Wives, and fans are happy Christine has emancipated herself from Kody’s toxic marriage. Sister Wives fans weren’t the only ones celebrating Christine’s divorce, however, as the former sister wife’s son, Paedon, has taken to social media to mock his father with the series’ viewers. Although fans enjoyed Paedon’s insight, Sister Wives fans think Paedon Brown is just like Kody.


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Regrettably, Paedon and Kody don’t appear to have the best relationship after the events of Sister Wives season 16. Paedon Brown has declared that he stands by his mother throughout his parents’ spiritual split and has taken many shots at Kody’s relationship with Robyn. While he might be saying everything Sister Wives’ audience wants to hear, fans have noticed that Paedon mirrors many of his unpopular father’s attributes. One Reddit user explained, “Paedon is the only Brown boy who [mimics] Kody’s need for attention… [Paedon] has major Kody vibes.” Specifically, Sister Wives viewers think Paedon acts similarly to Kody on TikTok. The most prominent way Paedon reflects his father is by sharing his desire for attention and praise. Viewers suspect Paedon wants attention like his father because Kody neglects him. A fan assessed that Paedon got “lost in the emotional high of… attention after years of his father’s neglect.”

Sister Wives Kody Christine and Paedon Brown

By prioritizing his other children, Sister Wives fans think Kody raised Paedon Brown to have the same need for attention that he has. The Brown family’s followers also believe Kody and Paedon are so similar because they are both overwhelmed with insecurity. Sister Wives fans suspect that Kody’s need to control and justify his actions on reality TV are the result of his self-doubt, just as Paedon’s aspirational TikTok career is the result of his impaired relationship with his father. One fan simply asserted, “Insecurities. I think both [Kody and Paedon] need constant validation.” Cynical Sister Wives fans think Paedon has been talking so much about his family’s series for economic gain, once again resembling his father. A commenter noted that Paedon seeks attention online because “he makes [money] without having to work too hard. That’s [Kody’s] way also.”

Kody and Paedon might not be on the best terms at the moment, but Sister Wives viewers are confident that the pair of cut from the same cloth. From their shared desire for attention to their habit of discussing their family’s drama to accumulate wealth, Sister Wives fans think Paedon Brown is just like Kody. Hopefully, Christine will rub off on Paedon as the Brown family continues to divide after Sister Wives season 16.

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