Why Kimiko Can’t Speak In The Boys

Why Kimiko Can't Speak In The Boys

Kimiko is the silent supe of The Boys’ superhero killing squad, but the show introduces one major Kimiko question: why can’t she speak?

Kimiko has been one of the main characters on The Boys since season 1, and so far she hasn’t said a word. The silent supe is an integral character in the series, but many viewers may be curious as to why Kimiko is so quiet. While it takes some interpreting, there is actually a definitive answer as to why Kimiko Miyashiro doesn’t speak on The Boys.

Kimiko is an integral member of the Boys, as well as being the team’s only supe (a nickname given to superheroes in The Boys). Kimiko and her brother Kenji grew up in Japan, before being kidnapped by the Shining Light Liberation Army at a young age. The army brutally killed the sibling’s parents before taking the kids to fight in the Phillippines. Later, Kimiko was separated from her brother after she was taken prisoner and smuggled to the United States. There, she was given Compound V, giving Kimiko powers that consist of increased strength, durability, and a regenerative healing factor. In the events of The Boys, Kimiko is rescued by the group and decides to join them in their battle against Vought.


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From her time with Shining Light to now, Kimiko hasn’t been able to talk. Although she communicates through writing and a unique form of sign language, Kimiko seemingly isn’t able to speak. However, The Boys season 2 gives a hint as to why Kimiko is mute. Season 2 not only explores Kimiko’s backstory but also reunites her with her brother Kenji, although briefly. Kenji (who can talk) explains that the trauma of seeing her parents violently killed caused Kimiko to stop speaking at an early age, something she has carried on into her adult life. Although the show doesn’t explain if she is unable or unwilling to talk, Kimiko in The Boys season 3 has started using a mobile phone to talk. It’s unlikely that Kimiko would want to communicate at all if she was choosing not to speak, so it is a safe bet that the trauma Kimiko has from her parents has left her mute.

Does Kimiko Get Her Voice Back In The Boys Comics?

Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko The Female The Boys Comic Books and Show

The Boys TV show has changed a lot from the comics, and Kimiko is one of the biggest examples. The show has given her a much more in-depth backstory, as well as an actual name, with Kimiko only being called The Female in the comics. Much like in the show, Kimiko is silent in the comics, but not because she is unable to speak. Rather, Kimiko is perfectly able to speak in the comics – she just chooses not to. However, Kimiko in the comics does say one thing near the end of The Boys: “I hate mean people.” Although she is able to talk throughout the entirety of The Boys comics, this is the only time Kimiko speaks.

While Kimiko doesn’t speak, she is most definitely not silent, as she is one of the strongest and most opinionated members of the Boys. Although the show and comics give different explanations, Kimiko’s muteness sets her character apart from the series’ other supes, highlighting her character arc and its themes. Kimiko may not be able to speak right now, but it is possible she could get her voice back by the end of The Boys.

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