Why Little People, Big World Fans Can’t Stand Zach Roloff

Why Little People, Big World Fans Can't Stand Zach Roloff

Out of the four Roloff siblings, Zach appears the most on Little People, Big World. However, fans of the series don’t like Zach for several reasons.

Zach Roloff is one of the most recognized stars of Little People, Big World, but there are several reasons why fans don’t consider him to be their favorite cast member. The long-running TLC series has followed Amy and Matt Roloff’s family since 2006 and has captured some of the gang’s biggest moments, including Zach and Tori Roloff’s wedding, Amy and Matt’s divorce, and, of course, how the Roloff’s navigate their lives living with dwarfism.

While Zach and Tori are still featured on Little People, Big World, Zach’s three siblings, twin Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob, have established lives outside of reality TV and have no plans to reappear on the series. Now on Little People, Big World season 23, the current drama on the show revolves around the fate of the Roloff Farm and pumpkin patch located near Portland, Oregon. While Zach has made his interest in owning the farm abundantly clear, price negotiations between Zach and Matt quickly fell apart on the show, and the Roloff Farm is still listed at $4 million online.


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Now 31-years-old, Zach’s life has changed tremendously since he first appeared on TLC as a teenager. Unfortunately, viewers’ negative reactions to Zach have only grown over time. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Little People, Big World fans can’t stand watching Zach on the series.

Fans Think Zach Is Spoiled

As the oldest of the Roloff children, fans have long-thought that Zach and Jeremy have been given more attention than Molly and Jacob, with Zach specifically called out for being spoiled by Amy. From never having a full-time job to barely cooking and cleaning, viewers have been calling out Zach’s entitled behavior since Little People, Big World season 23 began airing. “Z & T are the epitome of spoiled brats,” u/alwaysbefraudin from Reddit plainly stated, while u/IBeMe100 criticized Zach for trying to control the farm negotiations by calling him a “whiny entitled little spoiled brat.”

Viewers Believe Zach Is Lazy


Since Amy was overprotective of Zach during the early seasons of Little People, Big World, fans think that Zach has grown into a lazy adult based on his difficulty with relatively simple tasks. Redditor’s recently called out Zach and Tori while they were preparing to move to Washington for being unprepared and complicated. “How freaking clueless is Zach to have his giant dog running around and blocking the movers when they were trying to pack up the house,” u/foxmag86 wrote, with several other fans agreeing.

Fans Don’t Like The Way Zach Treats His Parents


While Matt and Amy are far from perfect, fans particularly dislike how Zach tries to manipulate his parents with his children. One person wrote that they “hated” Zach following his failed negotiation with Matt after Zach admitted, “My dad is going to have to put in more effort if he wants to see the kids.” Several users have criticized Zach for using his 5-year-old son Jackson to tell Matt their family was moving to Washington, while others have argued that if they were in Matt’s position, they wouldn’t sell the farm to Zach either. With Little People, Big World season 23 only a few episodes in, the future of Roloff Farms is still up in the air, although it’s doubtful that Zach’s popularity will increase.

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Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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